Pump It Up!

We went to the Grande Opening of the new Pump It Up and they along with a couple other hundred guest had a blast! So much fun climbing, jumping, sliding and bouncing!


Truth Be Told

I went to my first ever painting class the other night. It’s like those Sips and Strokes classes but with a Christian focus. All of the paintings are scripture based and a portion of the fee you pay to paint goes toward ministry. It was a fun event in honor of Mrs. Mindy, our babysitter, that all of us moms did together. Mrs. Mindy is phonominal  and loves our little ones so well and speaks the name of Jesus over them as well as change diapers, doing art, playing outside, rocking, holding and feeding them 8x a day! We are so greatful for her. Many of us had never painted like this and so it was quite intimidating but our instructor was so great! We had so much fun and we suprised ourselves with our end results. I’m super happy with mine and would love to do it again. 

Summer Jam

Trey let me take a mini vaca by taking Morgan to his lacrosse tournament this weekend. It’s so much fun getting to spend one on one time with this fella. It’s also a whole lot easier doing these hot weekend events without hauling loads of little siblings along. So Trey was Super Dad and held down the fort so I could go with Morgan. He did really well even while dealing with an injured thumb. He got 80% plus of his face offs and even scored off of a win. He also got to play a lot of attack this tournament and had several assist. He was able to make more connections with college coaches that came to watch him and had lots of praise about him. I know God has the path laid out for him, it’s just so hard not knowing what and where that will be. Praying for continued healing and restoration of his knee and protection over him as he continues with more showcases and tournaments this summer. 


Poor Joseph was just casually gliding on his board at the park when he took a sick digger and face planted! Ouch!!!! Elijah drove him home and after we triaged his scraped with hydrogen peroxide and got most bleeding stopped we concurred that his hamburger meat chin needed stitches or super glued shut. Trey, our designated hospital parent, took him up to the urgent care where they cleaned out gravel then glued his chin closed. They said it wasn’t deep enough for stitches but obviously gaping nonetheless so glue it was. Hopefully it won’t scar but if it does he’ll have one like his Daddy and younger brother. Don’t mess up the money maker Joseph!

Hanson’s PJ Mask Birthday

 The long awaited day finally arrived for Hanson’s PJ Mask 5th Birthday!!!!!

He was so excited and happy and had the best time getting wet on the slip-n-slide and pool with his friends. Even though he kept saying he didn’t want to get wet! 

After fun time in the sunshine they  devoured the super sugary treats of jello, cupcakes, blue juice, candy, chips and popcorn.
His friends were so sweet and blessed him with so many nice gifts. He is one very loved little boy, son, brother, grandson and friend! Happy Fifth Birthday Hanson๐ŸŽˆ๐ŸŽˆ๐ŸŽˆ๐ŸŽˆ๐ŸŽˆ

Country Lax Festival

Morgan had an amazing weekend of lacrosse. Not only did team Arsenal win the Championship but Morgan was voted 2017 High School Gold division tournament MVP!!! This in a miraculous achievement for Morgan coming off a season ending (starting) injury where he missed nearly his entire junior year of lacrosse. He won 80% of his face offs during the weekend. We couldn’t be prouder of him or more joyful for him. Way to go MVP Morgan๐Ÿ…!

Free Friday Flix

 Every Friday night there is Free Friday Flix in the park. It’s great family fun watching movies outdoors while lounging on blankets or lawn chairs. Our office is a sponsor and so we get to have a table and tent with a balloon artist and us applying our logo tattoos to sweaty kids while we talk to parents about pediatric dentistry. So happy to be working with a fantastic caring dentist and super sweet co-workers. Sure does make going to work enjoyable!

Our Get Away

It only took 19 1/2 years but we finally took an over night trip and left the kids at home with our oldest child! Yes, this was the first time for us to be gone over night without grandparents in the house. Full disclosure: We left around noon on Friday and we’re back mid day the next day and we were only a short 30-40 minutes away but anyways. Trey suprised me with this sweet trip to Pursell Farms. It is just amazing how much property is there and it is breathtaking. Each room gets a golf cart to drive around on. We did not golf only did some putting but enjoyed our leisure drives around the course and to the club house for dinner that night. Our meals were super fresh and so delicious too. We loved visiting the Orvis shop and watching the herd of Longhorns graze the next morning.   It was such a welcoming relaxing time away and very much over due. We can’t wait to go back again. It was simply lovely! 

8th Grade Banquet

Joseph said so long to middle school after the 8th grade banquet. It was held at a nice wedding barn venue in town and catered by Joe’s Italian which is so delicious! He and his posse of friends met up at the coffee shop then carpooled to the banquet. He escorted his friend Kirsten. They looked so lovely together all dressed up. Joseph was super dapper in his ‘new’ suit and shoes he got at ATS all for under $21 and she was so pretty in her new dress. All of the kids looked so handsome and beautiful, they clean up nice! They had a fun filled night out together and made lasting memories. Farewell middle school and hello high school for these guys!