First Day of School ‘19-20

Gayley was the first one to start school/daycare this year. She’s going to a brand new educational daycare that is literally right across the street from mommy’s work. Convenience wise it could not get any better but this is our first child to ever attend a daycare so mommy is trying to get used to it. She seems to like it well enough but definitely does not love it like she did Mother’s Day out. It’s completely different than her sweet little church preschool program, so that we miss. They are still in summer mode so won’t really start all the teaching till after September 1. Praying she will meet a special friend or two and start loving it.

This year Hanson moved up to first grade. He is at the same elementary school as last year. Jordan and Mary are in ninth grade and Joseph 11th which gives us three high schoolers! Mary and Jordan are looking forward to not having to ride the bus in the mornings as they get to ride to school with Joseph. Joseph was admitted into the technical school for welding so he will be going there for the first part of the day all year and next year. Praying these high schoolers will have a bountiful year as they discover and experience new classes, languages, skills.



Today we bowled, played arcade games and then we bowled some more! We went to two glow-in-the-dark bowling parties. Funny thing is that both Birthday Boys are our neighbors. Wesley’s was 11:00-1:00pm then we school clothes shopped, watched Jordan play in a tennis tournament, shopped some more and back to the same bowling alley for party #2 for Emmett. Both parties were a hit! Hanson and Gayley had a blast. Believe it or not they both got a Strike X and several Spares!!!

Cow Appreciation Day 2019

Wow! I just love Cow Appreciation Day at Chick-fil-A when I can feed all of us for $2 and change!!! We love this day of ‘Eat Mor Chiken’, ‘Dress like a cow get free chicken’! I’m so glad it fell on one of my off days so I could take them. It was quite a bargain day with almost free Chick-fil-A and then Super Saver Tuesday at the movie theater where we saw Aladdin. All morning Hanson and Gayley chanted “movie theater, movie theater” lol! You can tell we don’t go see movies much. Chick-fil-A + Aladdin = Fun Day! #cowappreciationday2019 #dresslikeacow #freechicken #familyfunday #atthemovies #aladdinmovie #aladdin2019 #eatmorchiken

Trey’s New Ride

This was Trey’s Honda Rebel CMx250 Bobber project bike that he got to teach the boys to ride on and to cruise around town. It was a great little bike but was way too small for a full grown man. This little Honda found a new home and Trey got a sweet upgrade for his Birthday! Check out his beautiful vivid black Honda VT 1300 Interstate!!!! He couldn’t be more happier about it! Happy Birthday Trey!!

When life throws you a curve, Lean into it!

Never twist the throttle with your ego.

Put something exciting between your legs.

Life is a journey enjoy the ride!

Sometimes it takes a whole tank of fuel before you can think straight.

A Biker’s Prayer

As I lay rubber down the street, I pray for traction I can keep. But if I spin and begin to slide, please dear God protect my sweet ride. Amen

Tennis Blunder

Jordan played in a local tournament that was all kinds of messed up. It was so unorganized and the tennis pro kept changing the format. Jordan won his first match 8:4 against a 6 ft bearded 18 year old whose going into college. His next opponent didn’t show up so after waiting and waiting they had Jordan play the clubs Jr. tennis instructor which he beat 8:2 and then they didn’t even count those points they just had Jordan play him so he could get another match in. Then the kid that didn’t show up finally got there 3.5-4 hours late and they had him play Jordan in what should have been the finals! Are you kidding me! Jordan best him 8:0!!! After winning 3 matches in the heat he played for the finals against a kid who had only played one match early this morning. They both played great and fought hard. It was so close the entire time at 6:5 Jordan, 6:6 then ended 6:8 other guy. I have never seen Jordan play so well. They had several long rallies throughout their match. I’m so proud of him and he had a great attitude even with all the confusion and poor management and decisions Jordan finished the Hoover Independence Day Novice Classic Boys 18 & Under Singles Runner-Up. Did I mention he’s 14 years old.