Tug of War

These two pups are such good companions! So nice having a best puppy pal living next door. My Shep (Collie) and neighbors’ Asher (Australian Shepard).

My Smile

For some reason these snapshots evoke so many feelings. They make me smile with pride that she’s my girl and a little sad because she doesn’t look like a baby/toddler anymore. When did she get so big? I love her so much and I know I spoil her but she’s always on my mind and she has my heart. I came across a poem written by another mother that rings true to how I feel about this beauty.

You are my celebration

My joy of everyday

My smile in the morning

My laughter when I play.

You are the cheer and comic

You love to sing and dance

You brighten up the world

with a sparkling grin and glance.

I love you dear sweet daughter

Forever you are mine

I for you and you for me

Like two stars, we shine.

By: Becky Gomez


These two have such a sweet bond with one another. They both adore each other! I love that I walked in and found them napping together. Sweet dreams fellas.!

BMX Track

The boys had a blast at the BMX track. Hanson is always asking to go so he was thrilled. We used to take the older boys here when they were little and the track has been greatly improved over the years. Hanson did great on his new bike. He and his friend Caison went around the track at least 30 times! They had so much fun but were wore out! After all the BMXing we all cooled off in the lake. Summertime fun!

4th of July

Fourth of July was a fun filled day in the neighborhood for this gang. We did some yard work, swam at one neighbors pool, cook out at new neighbors house, more swimming for some, naps, relaxation then fireworks at our house. We provided the front yard, watermelon, festive popsicles and kid drinks and several families (Dads) brought the big fireworks. We had over 40 people there to watch a phenomenal light show! It lasted for a little over an hour which is way longer than the Big Kaboom the city puts on. There were some spectacular fireworks for sure!