Senior Honors Night

Morgan participated in his last high school awards program. He is graduating with Honors and received his Honors metal and cords for National Honor Society and Mu Alpha Theta. He received a scholarship from Auburn University and he can’t wait to be done with all this high school stuff and move onto college. So proud of our super hard working boy!


Barn Salvagers

On our way out to the country to pick up two chunky rustic rocking chairs for the farm we passed this great big dilapidated old barn. Trey has been wanting a few old beams to put at the entrance of Nottingham Farm and this barn had just the tall ones he needed. After buying our rockers we drove by the barn frame again and decided to stop at the house nearest it to see if they knew who owned it. Low and behold the house Trey knocked at were the owners of the barn. He told him what he wanted the beams for and asked if we could buy some. At first they said no but after talking more with Trey and several family members talking back and forth with each other the older farmer agreed to sell 3 of beams and he would load them for us with his tractor. When we went back to get them he graciously gave us 4 and several scrap pieces of tin that used to be the roof and for a lower price than we were expecting! Trey is thrilled to have these beams with history for our front entrance rather than just ordering new ones. It’s so much fun finding things, materials, repurposing or refurbishing things for the farm. It will be quite a story to tell once it all comes together!

Happy Mommies Day

This morning started off with coffee on the front porch with my groom followed by children gradually waking up and one sweet 3 year old giving me a big hug and kiss & telling me, “Happy Mommies Day!”.

We gathered up some things and kids and headed out to the farm for the day. We had a LONG list of To-Do’s and we indeed got a lot accomplished. With owning land there is always something to do and we are slowly getting it how we want it. I love our farm and it was the perfect place to be on Mommies Day!

Senior Day


Morgan played his last regular season lacrosse game for Oak Mountain this past week. He had 1 goal, 1 assist and 16 face-off wins. It was a surreal moment as we looked around and saw these 11 boys that he has been playing with for the past six years and all the parents we have spent hours with in the stands and traveling with for summer ball. Play off games start soon and then there is the All State and All Stars teams after that. We have so enjoyed watching Morgan play and for the bond he has with these other boys. Happily he will have a lax bro for a room mate in Auburn which we are all so pleased about. GOOM # 9!!!!


Softball Finale

Mary finished up her softball season with a 3 game tournament. She had some terrific plays catching line drives and pop ups to get girls out. She has had such a blast playing spring softball but I can’t lie, I’m glad our spring sports are coming to an end. We so need a break and time to slow down. Again we are so grateful to Coach Davis for his encouraging coaching skills that uplifts and pours positivity into the girls’ lives.


Today Jordan played in his first non-school related tennis tournament. He played 4 games from 8:00a.m – 2:00p.m. He played so well and was complimented several times on his forehand! He won his first game 6:2, lost his second 6:1, won the third 6:3 and won his fourth 6:1! Amazing tennis!! Since he lost one game that dropped him to the consolation bracket which he won. Way to play Jordan!

May the Fourth

International Star Wars Day was galactic fun at work! We ordered May the Fourth shirts to wear and had fun with our patients & light sabers. Dr. J surprised us all with an unexpected fishing trip during our staff lunch. He ran into Academy and bought rods and worms then we picked up our lunches to-go and took a little hike up and then down hill to a serene lake. The live worms we had were x-large and no one was getting a bite even though we could see large fish beneath the water. This wasn’t my first fishing trip so I showed them how it was done. I put a piece of crouton from my salad on my hook and then gently laid my line on the water. Three seconds later I had a bite and reeled in the first fish!!! It was so much fun! What a wonderful creative boss we have that likes spending time with us. We now have office rods and if the schedule ever falls apart we can lock the doors and put out our ” Gone Fishing” sign!

Senior Prom 2018

Not sure how time flew so fast but it did and our Morgan just had his Senior Prom. I was honored to be able to take prom pictures of him and his wonderful friends. He and Meagan have been friends since elementary school and have spent lots of time together at each other’s houses and at many events together. We love Meagan and the two of them together are hilarious. Their comedy just bounces off one another and keeps us in stitches. I’m so glad they went to their senior prom together. Carol Anne has also been in several of Morgan’s classes since middle school. They have all been friends together for so long, it was nice that they went as a group together. We met to take pictures in Mt. Laurel along with what seemed to be everyone else going to proms because there was a mass of tuxes and fancy dresses getting their pictures taken too! Afterwards these four met up with some other couples downtown to take pictures on top of a parking garage. It was a great idea to take pics there, what a background! The large group then went to dinner at Abhi Japanese steakhouse and then off to their Senior Prom.