From our Family to Yours


Seven with Santa

We made it ! We were cutting it close but we saw Santa in the Nick of Time! Not sure if this is the last time or not that all 7 will be in the picture so I treasure it all the more. I’m so thankful Elijah came along even though he will be 21 years old in a few days. He certainly made it a Merry time. Gayley was giddy as ever and leapt into Santa’s arms. She thinks he’s “the nicest man ever”. Hanson didn’t know what he was going to ask Santa for. Gayley told him she wanted a pony ornament. As for me you are looking at what I want, all seven of our children home for Christmas. Merrily Blessed!

Pilgrim Performance

Can we say Prissy Pilgrim?! Gayley is all about getting up on the big stage and isn’t shy at all when it comes to performing. She has been singing her sweet little Thanksgiving songs in the house, while playing, outside or in the car for weeks. She loves doing the hand motions and is so charismatic! Aren’t they just the cutest little pilgrims you’ve ever seen? Not only did they learn their songs and motions but they have also been very busy creating LOTS of Fall and Thanksgiving artwork. We say, “Thank you God for letting her go to such a wonderful preschool”!

Farmer Day

At Gayley’s preschool they celebrated Farmer’s Day. It’s such a fun time when they have learned all about farms that grow produce or ones that have all kinds of animals. They learn about where milk, cheese and butter come from too. The older groups go visit a local farm but the younger ones get to dress up as a farmer or any farm animal. I was thrilled to have found this horse costume at the Thrift Store for $3.48! I later saw the same one at a retail store for $24.98!! Gayley loved her pony and loved “galloping” all around school!


This may not seem like anything but this is a huge accomplishment for our Hanson. Look at the great circles he cut out! Look at the strait lines for his hair! Look at his name!!! It is so remarkable that I had to look at it twice to make sure he had actually written it. He has come so far from where he was last year and has made such progress by going to Child’s Play therapy every week working on his fine motor skills. We are so proud of him and are so relieved that he is “meeting expectations” in kindergarten and that he is not crying every morning like last year. He is a very happy Two Term Kindergartener!

Pretty Princess Fairytale Ball


Gayley had the most magical morning at the Princess Ball.  They had so much planned for them starting with the Royal Entrance, Freeze Dance, Ocean Yoga then Meet and Greet Time! She got to create a crown, enjoy the candy buffet, have professional portraits with Ariel,  do dance games and take Princess Lessons. There were at least 100 little princesses there and I didn’t see any two dresses identical which blows me away that there are so many versions of the same princesses’ dresses! They were all darling! The ball ended with a Sing-A-Long, Hugs & Goodbyes and Group Photos!

Gayley (Elsa) had so much fun meeting and dancing with the Princesses and it was all the more fun doing it with her little friends Cameron (Belle) and Ella Kate (Rapunzel). These little girls whirled and twirled all over the dance floor!

It was the sweetest and most trilling moment when Gayley got to meet Elsa. She nearly knocked Elsa over when she leaped into her and gave her such a long hug! She was smiling so big, absolute joy!

I’m so glad we made memories today with her little friends. I highly recommend it for 2.5-5 year old little princesses. And last but not least I couldn’t “Let It Go ” without sharing this of Gayley performing with her favorite Princess/Queen Elsa!

River Rats

Labor Day was enjoyed at the Cahaba River with our friends, The Forbes. It was an easy going day filled with rope swings, rock stacking, floating, picnicing, and lounging in the river.

Backpack Buddies


Jordan, Mary and I volunteered to help Vineyard Family Services in bagging food for their Backpack Buddies program. They provide a bag of food to elementary children to help them over long weekends and holidays so that they won’t go hungry. Most of these kids are on reduced or free lunches and without these bags of food they might not have anything to eat on weekends. About 100 volunteers came out and we packed 1200 bags in an hours time!!!! It was quite an assembly line. We had a great time helping and both Mary and Jordan can’t wait to do it again.

First Day K3

Gayley was ecstatic for her school to start! She has missed it all summer and couldn’t wait to see her bestie, Ella Kate! These two girls just love each other to pieces. She is in the Brilliant Butterflies with Mrs. Leisha and Mrs. Lindsey and they are wonderful! We are so pleased and so thankful for her preschool and how all the teachers and staff love and teach the children. Best Mothers Day Out around!