Fat Tuesday

Happy Mardi Gras! Nothing says it’s Mardi Gras like a King cake from Paul’s Pastry in Picayune, MS. Grammy and Pawpaw brought two up to us on their last visit. They were huge and oh so delicious! #mardigras #fattuesdsy #bontonroulet #kingcake 


A Sister’s Love

Gayley absolutely adores her big brother Hanson. They are generally so sweet with each other only fuss a tiny bit. Here is Hanson sound asleep and Gayley loving on him. She kept rubbing his head and giving him soft kisses on his head and cheek. It didn’t wake him up at all. 

Princess Shopper

Oh my goodness this pink & purple loving, crazy about Princesses, wearing pretty dresses ALL the time girl had a blast picking out two tiny princesses. She picked Belle and Repunzel and bought them with her Christmas cash from Mammaw and Pawpaw. She was too cute giving her money to the cashier. She loves these tiny dolls as you can tell. I’m so enjoying her in this costume phase just as the boys were in their super hero ones. I just eat it up knowing all too well that this will be over way sooner than I’d like and she will be grown before we know it. I so love this Princess girly girl! 

Christmas Day 2017๐ŸŽ„

The calm before the chaos of Christmas wrapping paper and gifts galore! How wonderfully blessed we all were this Christmas with gifts from each other. Again Grammy and Pawpaw were with us this Christmas morning to enjoy watching the little ones open presents. Gayley was so funny exclaiming “This is the Best Christmas Ever!”, over and over. Elijah and Morgan nailed it with all their thoughtful gifts to everyone, big brother gifts rock! Hanson was so sweet about the gifts he selected for everyone from his schools gift shop. All of kids were super suprised and excited with their gifts and cash/checks from Pawpaw and Mammaw. It was a day full of abundance of love, thoughtfulness, glee, suprise and laughter!  Merry Christmas indeed!

Birthday Shepherd

20 years ago the Lord blessed Trey and I with our firstborn son on Christmas Eve! Elijah James Garrett is truly our pride and joy and I thank God every day for granting us the honor of being his parents. He has been a wonderful son all these 20 years and we have enjoyed doing so many things with him from taking him to library story time as a toddler to coaching him at T-ball, watching him play baseball and soccer and Upwards basketball and then youth, high school and college lacrosse even becoming a high School All American in lacrosse! He has excelled and done wonderfully all throughout his academics and has never been a difficult child, we have been truly blessed. So for his 20th Birthday, Christmas Eve, we drove two hours away to Bear Creek, Alabama so that he could pick out his very own German Shepherd puppy. He has long for one for so many years and we were so happy to have found a breeder with a litter of puppies and would let him come pick out his birthday pup on his actual birthday. 

It was a very hard decision and he narrowed it down to one boy and one girl but in the end he decided upon the little orange collared girl. She still has to stay with her mama for a few more weeks and and it’s going to be so hard waiting till January 19 to pick her up but what a wonderful day that will be! I pray that this Birthday puppy will bring Elijah so much joy and happiness and will be a great companion throughout all his twenties and even into his thirties. Also that she will give him and drive and purpose and a focus and that they will have many adventures and memories together. We love you Elijah so much and we are so happy for you to have found your sweet German Shepherd gal! 

Santa 2017

This year we decided to try a new Santa and we are very pleased we did. It was quite a task getting everyone’s work schedules and Santa hours figured out but we did and I’m so thankful to have all 7 of our kids in our Santa photo again this year. There were no long lines seeing this Santa, in fact he could see us so quickly that we had to step aside and let others go while we waited for Elijah and Morgan to arrive. Hanson was super excited to see Santa  and Gayley softly rubbed his beard between her fingers. It was a wonderful Santa visit!

Christmas Parade

Our little town had the longest Christmas parade I’ve even been to. This year Jordan marched with the high school and middle school bands playing his flute. Joseph flipped and tumbled the entire parade route with his former cheer team and Mary could have road with the softball girls but she wanted to be a spectator with her bestie instead of a participant. Hanson and Gayley had a blast seeing all the floats and horses and had a full gift bag of candy by the time we left. Joseph even made it on tv doing his tumbling in a deer costume. It was a very Merry Christmas parade๐ŸŽ„!

Winter Dance

Jordan escorted his gal pals (upper right) to the 7th and 8th grade Winter Dance. They were all so excited dressing up and Jordan looked quite dapper! He had a blast hanging out with his friends and having “dance off” with some other guys. 

Turkey Day 2017

So thankful to spend Thanksgiving in Texas at Mammaw and Pawpaw’s house again this year. It had been a few years and so many changes were done to the house it was great touring all the new renovations and new furniture placement. Always a good time had in Fredericksburg,TX!