The Flu

Poor Hanson ran a high fever this weekend and then seemed to get better. I made him a doctors appointment so that we could discuss his chronic cough; I’m thinking maybe he just needs a little bit a help taking something daily due to some mild asthma perhaps. But early this morning the school nurse called saying he had a fever and a bad cough and a headache so we were able to call the doctors office and move his appointment up. Turns out this little man tested positive for the flu and also sounds like he has a bit of pneumonia in his right lung! In the office he had a breathing treatment and we discussed thoroughly Hanson’s chronic coughing how often it he gets it, how long it lasts, when he has it, just everything about his cough. He also he did really well talking to her about his cough. So he’s on an antibiotic to fight the pneumonia infection and he has an emergency inhaler too. And we are now on the course for asthma treatment using an inhaler in the morning and in the evening for about six weeks then he’ll return to the doctor and discuss how Hanson’s feeling and all that and see what lies ahead for him. He is already feeling, sounding much better just after 2.5 days on meds. We’ve never dealt with this whole asthma treatment/preventions for any of the other children but we’re learning. It would be huge for Hanson to be cough free!

Puppy Face

Her MakeUp

When we went out to Texas for Christmas Gayley got a pretty pink makeup table and stool from Mammaw and Pawpaw. It came with hair accessories, vintage jewelry, plastic flat iron and blow dryer and such. She absolutely loves it and she plays with it every day. She had asked for her own real makeup for Christmas. She asked me to put it on her list and so I did. She would remind me quite often that it was on her list and if it were on her list then that meant she was getting it! Wow I had no idea what I was getting into with “the list”. On Christmas morning her makeup was wrapped in the requested pink glittery paper and under the tree awaiting to be opened. As always there were an abundance of gifts to be opened and honestly she would have been fine if all she had were the first 3-4 gifts she opened as she wanted to get it out of their packaging and play with whatever it was right then in there. Realizing that she had many more gifts to open and seeing that she truly did not need any more I quietly removed a couple of her gifts from the loot and slipped them back into my closet. Yes, I had reluctantly bought her the makeup and put it under the tree, I just wasn’t sure whether or not I really wanted her to have it. I mean she’s only five, should a five year old have real makeup? After we got back from our Texas trip Trey was still there on his hunting trip so she slept with me at night. Every night as we were going to sleep she would get very upset and could not understand why she did not receive her makeup for Christmas when she had asked for it and she had seen me put it on her list. When was she ever gonna get her makeup? Why didn’t she get her makeup? After struggling with whether or not to let her have it I finally decided she could and gave her an additional gift before school one morning. She was thrilled!! She shrieked, “I love it! I love it so much!” “I wanted a makeup thing so bad!” “I’m keeping it forever, I’m never gonna lose it” “I love it, I love it, I love it!!!”