Full of Thanks

We are so thankful for all the friends and family we had at our house for Thanksgiving this year. It was so nice having several neighbors along with Grammy, Jennifer, Brittnie, Ashleigh & her baby up from MIssissippi for Thanksgiving meal. I just love the Thanksgiving feast that comes together as we all bring our pot luck dishes together! So thankful Elijah and Morgan were also able to come home from Auburn too. All the cousins had a lot of laughs together. We are so blessed to have a home that can house so many and for all our wonderful friends that feel more like family then just neighbors. So very Thankful!

Busy Hands

Gayley certainly is staying busy at school this month. She has such sweet friends she enjoys reading with, coloring, drawing, crafting, exercising, writing and all around playing with.

Jordan & Tessa’s Wedding

Jordan and Tessa are the first of Elijah’s core group of friends to get married. We have had Jordan at our house many many times watching football games, basketball games, just hanging out, Homecomings, Proms. Trey has had many hunting and fishing conversations with Jordan over the years as he and his Dad are avid freshwater fishermen. He’s a really good fella and has been a reliable friend to Elijah.

When Elijah worked at Jim-N-Nick’s he got Jordan and Tessa jobs there and they were a happy work crew. They would all hang out together often and eventually Jordan and Tessa fell in love. Naturally Elijah proudly claims to be Cupid. Their wedding was in a quaint pole barn and reception in another beautiful barn. The reception was so much fun and Gayley couldn’t wait to dance, she just had to get out on that dance floor! She made a new little friend/dance partner with the preacher’s son and they were quite entertaining ! Happy Wedding Jordan & Tessa!

Chicken Fest

We met Rick and Meg a few years back at a graduation party and we are so glad we did. They are friends of Philip and Christene Moore and of the Jasinski‘s which we are all lacrosse parent friends. At the graduation party they were talking about the upcoming chicken fest that Rick does every fall. Apparently he has been doing this for years while his daughters have been in college down in Auburn. Rick has the process down pat with his fryers, grease temperature guns, foil pans, hand cut fries, side dishes and beer kegs! He goes all out to bless these college kids with amazing fried chicken! This year we were invited to be on the chicken fest “crew” and it came with a t-shirt designed by one of his daughters. I don’t know how many pounds of chicken we floured, washed in buttermilk/egg and battered again before the guys fried them in two roaring fryers. There were hoards of hungry college kids there and we still had leftover chicken. By the way it was so delicious too! Rick knows his chicken! You couldn’t have ask for a more perfect fall day to host a chicken fest. Fall, football, Fellowship, Chicken Fest, War Eagle!

Autumn Blaze

On my way into work this day I was stopped by the brilliant red blaze of these trees in front and behind our office. God is really showing off His amazing works!

Come, Little Leaves

” Come, little leaves, ” said the wind one day, 
” Come o’er the meadows with me and play; 
Put on your dresses of red and gold, 
For summer is gone and the days grow cold. “ 

Soon as the leaves heard the wind’s loud call, 
Down they came fluttering, one and all; 
Over the brown fields they danced and flew, 
Singing the glad little songs they knew. 

” Cricket, good-by, we’ve been friends so long, 
Little brook, sing us your farewell song; 
Say you are sorry to see us go; 
Ah, you will miss us, right well we know. 

” Dear little lambs in your fleecy fold, 
Mother will keep you from harm and cold; 
Fondly we watched you in vale and glade, 
Say, will you dream of our loving shade? “ 

Dancing and whirling, the little leaves went, 
Winter had called them, and they were content; 
Soon, fast asleep in their earthy beds, 
The snow laid a coverlid over their heads.

Tree’s Up!

That’s right the Christmas tree is up. I know what you’re thinking it’s way too early, we haven’t even had Thanksgiving yet! For some reason this year Trey and I have both been eager to start decorating. Out of the blue Trey said he wanted to put the tree up and so we did! We didn’t decorate it or put the rest of Christmas decorations out till a few weeks later though. We just enjoyed the splendor of the white lights and looked forward to the coming season.


So our family finally saw Toy Story 4 and we loved it! We laughed so much together. Now we finally understand the new character, Forky. Today Gayley made her very own Forky and just like Bonnie in the movie she has played with and taken Forky everywhere! Love this sweetness and imagination.

Hair Chalk

Gayley has been asking to color her hair for the longest time and today I finally bought her hair chalk. She loves doing it herself but also request Mommy to do certain patterns so it’s a fun thing for us to do together. It doesn’t stain her hair and washes out easily and brings her so much delight. I think it’s rather pretty too!