Happy Halloween

This year we didn’t know if trick-or-treating was going to be canceled due to bad weather. It had been raining for a couple days and on Halloween it had rained from early morning till about 3 o’clock. Once it stopped the sun came out and the cold air blew in. We were so glad that it wasn’t raining we didn’t mind bundling up in coats and gloves to go trick-or-treating. The kids were so excited and couldn’t wait to go racing off to all our neighbors houses. We had Batman (Joseph), Robin (Hans), Wonder Woman (Mary), Super Girl (Gayley) and German Boy (Jordan). Great memories!!

15 Candles

Sushi Village was Mary’s pick for her 15th Birthday celebration. She loved all her cloths, boots, gift cards and money she was given. We ended the night with some yummy dessert at Sweet Frog. Happy 15th Birthday Mary!!!

Pumpkin Carving

Neighborhood pumpkin carving parties are the best! Mrs. Kate was the hostess with the mostest, thank you Kate! The kids loved it (except the gutting of the slimey insides of their pumkins) but it made for a great sensory activity especially for Hanson! I just love our neighbors!! We have so much fun together.


Gayley just loves her new puppy, Frenchy, who is Fancy Nancy’s puppy dog. On this day she took Frenchy to school with her so she could snuggle with and sleep with Frenchy during naptime.

Future Florist

Today I looked out our front door to see Gayley doing this. She was busy arranging pumpkins, potted plants, deer antlers and flowers on our front porch. This kept busy for quite a while as she moved about the porch. She cleverly even added some bling to the antlers with her jeweled rings. Honestly I was so impressed with this beautiful Fall arrangement I kept it there for a few days. She was also so proud to show off her work! Happy Fall y’all!

So Long Farm

We have the most amazing friends/family that showed up in the rain and stayed late throughout the night for our farewell cookout on our farm! Despite the weather we had the best time riding the dirt bike, four wheeler, hanging out with new and old friends, eating, drinking, throwing and shooting skeet, dancing, going to the outhouse, kids playing in the loft, singing & dancing, watching movies, eating, dogs chasing atv’s, warming by the fire, story telling, dancing, kids scaring adults, ‘s’mores and more! Thanks for making it so great! Y’all are THE BEST!!! It was a bitter sweet time as Trey and I reflected that this was what we had always wanted the farm to be. We love this land, our blue rustic bungalow, the pole barn and our out house. This was our place to tinker, be creative, for Trey to cut pastures and talk to God, a place to sit on the front porch drinking coffee as the sun rises while listening to the roosters crow. Trey and I love it but we just haven’t been able to utilize it as much as we want. We just have too much going on with work, work travel, kids in school and their extra curricular activities that keeps us from enjoying the farm. For as much as we love it it just doesn’t make sense to hold onto it right now. We’ve made great memories here with friends and family but now it’s time to move on. Who knows what we’ll do next? Perhaps lake property?

Fall is Here

Alas Fall is here! We had such a good time at Mt. Laurel’s fall festival this weekend. I love walking along looking at all the arts and crafts and artisans there and food vendors/trucks and farmers with all their produce. Morgan was home on fall break so he went with us. The weather was perfect just a little chill in the air but not cold enough to keep Hanson and Gayley from enjoying ice cream cones. Happy Fall Y’all!!!

Fancy Nancy Party

Ooh la la! Fancy Gayley had a magnificent Five Year Old soirée! She was so excited to have her dearest friends over to eat delectable cupcakes, color Fancy Nancy sheets, paint exquisite sun catchers and be pampered with manicures!

Gayley was tickled pink that I let her frost and decorate her birthday cake! She also picked out the butterfly and unicorn cookie cutters for her sandwich shapes. Inspiring caterer!

She adored all her gifts from friends and family. They were all devine darling! She loved cuddling her very own Frenchie puppy and her tea party set. She wanted to paint her own nails and also everyone else’s. She truly is one of the Fanciest little girls you’ll ever meet! Happy Birthday to our sweet fancy girl!