September School Days

Gayley had fun learning this month. She’s been doing lots of math, ABC’s, cognitive thinking, creative arts, dancing, excercise, Spanish and more. September has been super!

No Longer a Teenager

This weekend we celebrated Morgan’s 20th Birthday at the Vine’s Family lake house playing on Sea Doos, kayaking, swimming and floating on Lake Martin. We all went to our friend, David’s restaurant, Tower Taproom on Friday in Montgomery. The kids loved the atmosphere and really enjoyed the food! Morgan and Elijah took Hanson and Mary to the Auburn vs MS State game on Saturday night while Trey and I took Jordan and Gayley on the Sea Doos to watch the sun set on the lake. Joseph had his friend David come down to play on Saturday. Love that we were able to spend such a fun filled weekend with Morgan for his 20th. No longer a teenager but still a year shy of legally having a beer or alcohol. Not that Morgan cares about that or anything lol! We are so proud of Morgan and his determination, work ethic and perseverance in his academics, paying bills, working all summer and saving money for college/living, his commitment and love toward friends and staying in touch with his siblings. His humor keeps us in stitches! He is a wonderful son, friend and role model. We love you so very much Morgan! Wishing you a very happy 20th year!

Homecoming 2019

It’s HOCO time for these three high schoolers! It’s Joseph’s Junior homecoming and Mary and Jordan’s Freshman HOCO. They all went with friends and had a fun time dancing and hanging out.

At the Courts

Just another day for Hanson and Gayley hanging out at the courts while we watched Jordan’s matches. New match box cars and coloring packs were a hit in helping them get through the day at the courts.

Spoiled Granddog

Renn was coming for a visit and I just couldn’t help myself. I knew she needed a new bed so I went out and got her a comfy new bed she could sleep on while she was here then take back to Auburn. I couldn’t resist getting her a new toy too. She loved them both as you can see! She is a very much loved dog and slightly spoiled but she’s worth it!