Tacky Tourist

Jordan had a blast dressing up all week for Spirit Week! He was elected Freshman Spirit Chairman which suits him well. I think he rocked his Tacky Tourist outfit! #tacky #tackytourist #spiritweek #freshman

Settling In

Gayley just finished her first full month of school at Kiddie Academy and she is settling in just fine. She has made a few special friends that she stays close to throughout the day and she’s loving all the crafts/art she gets to do. Whenever I check in on her via the web cam she is in constant motion. This little lady does not stop unless she’s being read to or in a teaching time with teacher. She’s go, go, go all day long! We love reading her Tad Pole Report every evening to see what she did all day and the pictures are an added bonus for sure. I also love that I’m so close by which makes dropping off and picking her up quick and easy. Here’s to more learning, fun and friendships to continue to grow.

Boot Scootin’ Cuties

These two were so cute running around playing in their boots together! They would spend sun up to sun down together if they had their way. I love that Gayley has such sweet neighbor friends to grow up with and that Hanson has guy buddies too. It’s good in the ‘hood!

Leaving The Big Apple

Well it’s time to head home. We had quite an eventful time together in New York which we will never forget. I’m so glad we were able to have several days here. There is just too much to recap on. On our final day we had breakfast at Friedman’s, a quaint little cafe. We did some final light shopping, packed up and headed to the airport with our hearts full of happiness of lifelong memories we made with one another.

Citi Bikes and Sailing

Today we slept in and then had breakfast at the Tick Tock Diner. We pedaled our legs off riding Citi Bikes all over the city. We biked the wrong way to Central Park and then back to Central Park where we visited the Bethesda Terrace, the Boat house, the row boats and mini sailboaters. We had to have Katz Deli again so we biked to Katz and then to the marina to catch a schooner for our sailing cruise to The Statue of Liberty. We loved our sailing cruise and had so much fun enjoying drinks and conversation with another couple. Katz Deli and our Statue of Liberty cruise is my favorite New York experience. After the cruise we relaxed a bit at the hotel then went out to eat at a Korean restaurant called Her Name is Han.

St. Patrick’s Cathedral & More

After Trey’s site visit we met up and walked through Saint Patrick’s cathedral. It is the most exquisite, jaw-dropping beautiful cathedral I’ve ever been in. Reading all of the historical plaques about the details of the cathedral throughout the years was such a great history lesson.

We also visited Time Square and experienced its culture by being scammed by a CD man and a Dali llama bracelet selling guy, saw the Naked Cowboy and some crazy gypsy opera singer lady. We walked thru several small parks, went shopping for Vans shoes, biked to the Freedom Tower and 911 Memorial, ate a Nathan‘s hotdog from a street vendor, shopped at FAO Schwartz and then had the most painful $18 for 30 minutes massage ever in Chinatown. I swear I almost cried “ Uncle” for her to stop! After all this we went back to the hotel to freshen up and then went to Magee’s Pub for dinner where we were served giant portions of scrumptious food which we ended up giving our “take home” boxes to the homeless.

The Met

On the morning of Day 2 of our New York trip Trey went to his site visit and I went to The Metropolitan Museum of Art.

New York City

Oh my goodness the day finally came for Trey and I to fly to New York, New York! Trey had to go for business again and this time I took off a day and went with him. We had been looking forward to this trip for so long ever since he and the older boys went a few years ago. We had several places on our Must Do/ See list and I think we saw or did them all plus more! Here are a few snapshots of Day 1:

When we landed in New York one of our suitcases was demolished and we went to baggage claim to report it and without hesitation we were gifted a great big amazing brand new large suitcase! Score! What a wonderful way to start our New York experience! We got our rental car then went to China Town, Little Italy, Chelsea Market, Flat Iron building, Katz Deli where we over indulged in a Reuben pastrami sandwich with sliced pickles and cucumbers, matza ball soup and Katz beer. Oh my goodness it was well worth waiting in lines! It’ s all so tasty and a definite must do when in New York.

Trey gave our left over Katz sandwich along with a huge hug to a homeless guy and then we went to check into our hotel- The New Yorker. We walked passed the Empire State Building on our way to Tine Square in the evening.

Pell City Tournament

Jordan played in a Level 3 Tournament at Lakeside Park in Pell City this weekend and did quite well. All the boys were very talented, athletic players. He fought hard, dug deep and played some of the best tennis I’ve seen him play in a tournament. The rallies these boys had was impressive for sure. I don’t know how they play so well for so long in this heat!

Congratulations Jordan on your 1st place win in boys doubles and 2nd place in singles!