Today we bowled, played arcade games and then we bowled some more! We went to two glow-in-the-dark bowling parties. Funny thing is that both Birthday Boys are our neighbors. Wesley’s was 11:00-1:00pm then we school clothes shopped, watched Jordan play in a tennis tournament, shopped some more and back to the same bowling alley for party #2 for Emmett. Both parties were a hit! Hanson and Gayley had a blast. Believe it or not they both got a Strike X and several Spares!!!

Cow Appreciation Day 2019

Wow! I just love Cow Appreciation Day at Chick-fil-A when I can feed all of us for $2 and change!!! We love this day of ‘Eat Mor Chiken’, ‘Dress like a cow get free chicken’! I’m so glad it fell on one of my off days so I could take them. It was quite a bargain day with almost free Chick-fil-A and then Super Saver Tuesday at the movie theater where we saw Aladdin. All morning Hanson and Gayley chanted “movie theater, movie theater” lol! You can tell we don’t go see movies much. Chick-fil-A + Aladdin = Fun Day! #cowappreciationday2019 #dresslikeacow #freechicken #familyfunday #atthemovies #aladdinmovie #aladdin2019 #eatmorchiken