Trey’s New Ride

This was Trey’s Honda Rebel CMx250 Bobber project bike that he got to teach the boys to ride on and to cruise around town. It was a great little bike but was way too small for a full grown man. This little Honda found a new home and Trey got a sweet upgrade for his Birthday! Check out his beautiful vivid black Honda VT 1300 Interstate!!!! He couldn’t be more happier about it! Happy Birthday Trey!!

When life throws you a curve, Lean into it!

Never twist the throttle with your ego.

Put something exciting between your legs.

Life is a journey enjoy the ride!

Sometimes it takes a whole tank of fuel before you can think straight.

A Biker’s Prayer

As I lay rubber down the street, I pray for traction I can keep. But if I spin and begin to slide, please dear God protect my sweet ride. Amen

Tennis Blunder

Jordan played in a local tournament that was all kinds of messed up. It was so unorganized and the tennis pro kept changing the format. Jordan won his first match 8:4 against a 6 ft bearded 18 year old whose going into college. His next opponent didn’t show up so after waiting and waiting they had Jordan play the clubs Jr. tennis instructor which he beat 8:2 and then they didn’t even count those points they just had Jordan play him so he could get another match in. Then the kid that didn’t show up finally got there 3.5-4 hours late and they had him play Jordan in what should have been the finals! Are you kidding me! Jordan best him 8:0!!! After winning 3 matches in the heat he played for the finals against a kid who had only played one match early this morning. They both played great and fought hard. It was so close the entire time at 6:5 Jordan, 6:6 then ended 6:8 other guy. I have never seen Jordan play so well. They had several long rallies throughout their match. I’m so proud of him and he had a great attitude even with all the confusion and poor management and decisions Jordan finished the Hoover Independence Day Novice Classic Boys 18 & Under Singles Runner-Up. Did I mention he’s 14 years old.


Hanson and Gayley had so much fun at the new Explore Playground and Splashpad today. It is large and pretty awesome. Gayley had a sweet ‘big sister’ swing with her on this disc swing. Hanson loved being able to do the monkey bars all by himself. We will definitely be going back and taking friends with us! Yeah for summer! #summertime #splashpad #playground #keepingcool #summerfun #brotherandsister

Copy Cat

Oh my goodness this cat! She has seen us drink from a straw multiple times and Pippa knew what she wanted and tried her hardest to drink from the straw too. Such a cute copy cat!

Last Day MDO

What an amazing time Gayley has had at Little Lambs MDO. She absolutely loves her teachers Mrs.Leisha and Mrs. Lindsey. They love the children so well there. The school thinks of everything; every occasion, every theme, every season, every Holiday the halls and classrooms get decorated. The Adventure Room team is amazing and they go all out! She loves chapel each week and has learned the sweetest prayers and songs. Gayley was so excited about getting on stage for her End of School production. I love all their songs and motions they did. Just too cute! She certainly doesn’t have any stage fright! She loves being in the spot light!!

She sure is gonna miss her sweet friends Tensley, Stella, Ella Kate and Caroline. Such treasures.

Feline Hygiene

Archie oh Archie what a great cat! Whenever I’m getting ready for work he will lay in the sink opposite me and just keep me company. He is the best snuggler, mole hunter, head bunter and fantastic at cat naps! On this day he pulled Gayley’s toothbrush toward him and started licking the toothpaste off it and chewing on it. I sware none of this was staged! I grabbed my phone and wah la we have these funny feline hygiene photos!

Extreme Garden Makeover

Out with the old and in with the new! I am so happy with how our front flower beds turned out. I did a lot of research aka scrolling Pinterest to find the right shrubs and flowers. I wanted evergreens and perennials with different heights and contrasting colors. We put dark green gardenias in the back row then shorter evergreens that vary in shades of crimson and yellow tips on lighter green leafs. The lower level is composed of Candytuft, an evergreen perennial ground cover with teeny tiny white flowers. I am most excited about the Weeping Redbud we planted in the corner of the front bed as well as one we put in the side flowerbed next to the big rock and a third by the back porch staircase. They have limbs that fall toward the ground with dark purple leaves that turn green and when they bloom they will have tiny purple/pink flowers! Can’t wait till next Spring! We also put down thick landscape fabric ahead of time and topped it off with loads of mulch after planting. I’m going to keep the beds simple and have annuals in flower pots or hanging baskets so I can leave the beds for my evergreens & perennials. Now here’s to sitting on our front porch enjoying the view!