Wordless Wednesday


Easter 2019

Easter morning was full of tradition with all, yes all, the kids even the 21 year old bearded man and 19 year old home from college. They enjoyed waking to their baskets full of treats and goodies from the Easter Bunny. Hanson was the one that kept saying ‘we need to put our baskets out, when are we putting our baskets on the table, shouldn’t we get our baskets out, can I help get the baskets, is it time to get the baskets’, lol! He was not going to let me forget to put out the Easter baskets.

We had ham and cheese quiche for breakfast along with some candy and then were off to church. It’s been so long since all 9 of went to church together. Elijah usually opens and closes on Sundays and Morgan is in Auburn so it was a rejoice full Sunday together.

For Easter lunch we got together with four other families in the neighborhood. It was so nice not having to cook a great big meal alone. We all worked on the menu together and by the time we had it all on the table it was quite a big spread!! We feasted on ham, prime rib, green bean casserole, German potato salad, corn casserole, macaroni and cheese, cranberry sauce and a whole slew of appetizers before hand. We have the greatest friends/neighbors and always have the best time together. After lunch we had a big egg hunt in the backyard. Gayley was thrilled to have found sooo many eggs and was even more delighted when she opened eggs filled with bracelets and unicorn rings!!! Hanson loved finding $1 bills in his eggs!!! Morgan was taking a good nap and ended up being a hiding place for eggs! He got quite an awakening when Wesley picked up a certainly placed egg! Watch out there fella! It was a good good day!

Easter Hunting

Gayley was so excited about ‘Easter Hunting’ but cried when she only got 2 eggs! She did not like the mad dash to pick up eggs. Thankfully they had face painting, games, coloring books, hot dogs, chips and juice to over ride the egg disappointment. Sweet Hanson had tons of eggs and willingly gave her and Cameron several of his. Such a good big brother.

Tennis Championship

Wow what a tournament! Jordan played superb in all his matches. His school did very well collectively. Jordan placed 1st in second seed boys singles and he and his doubles partner won 1st place for boys doubles. He was most satisfied with beating his opponent in the boys singles, a guy that had beat Jordan in other matches. The Thrill of Victory was strong however he was a very worn out fellow come evening!