3 Moms + 7 Kids = 6 Flags

We took a Mom and kids trip to Six Flags Over Georgia on Saturday. It turned out to be quite a cold March day. The kids had a blast but I was super stressed with the crowds of people at the park that day. The lines for the rides were excruciatingly long as was the time spent waiting in them to ride a 3 minute ride. I tell you going to theme parks is not my choice for family vacations, I can barely deal with one day of it!! I’m glad to have these other two Mamas to tag team with in entertaining and caring for our slew of children. We are better together!

14 Years

Jordan Jedidiah is our newest 14 year old. He is mad about tennis and has been acing his matches this season. Instead of getting more stuff we gifted him the opportunity to be on Summer Team tennis and one hour private lessons a week for his Birthday present. He was beyond over joyed with it! Some of his tennis mates threw him a surprise party which just made this Birthday all the more special. The next morning we went to Six Flags Over Georgia for the day. Happy Birthday Jordan!

Lil’ Shopper

Gayley had so much fun in the Adventure Room at MDO. It was set up like a grocery store with shopping buggies, cash registers and all. She certainly has been on many many grocery trips with me and she’s a pretty good lil’ shopper!

Bathroom Makeover

This weekend Joseph was in Florida working with his contractor boss and Trey, Elijah, Morgan and J. Hutch were on their NBA weekend tour. Since the upstairs bathroom would have minimal use I decide to give it a makeover. I had found a full can of grey paint while I was tossing out old paint so that was helpful. I knew I wanted to paint the cabinet this blue-teal-turquoise color so I went to picked it out and bingo got the exact color I want on the first try!! My inspiration came from a Lakehouse bathroom I saw on Zillow. Other than not having fantastic lighting from a window or beautiful white subway tile my version looks pretty spot on to my inspiration.

Of course I kept the kids that were home in the dark as to what their bathroom was transforming into. It was so fun revealing it to them and watching their faces as they see for the first time the newly painted walls and towel racks, bright cabinet, new shower curtain, liner and hooks and stunning blue bath mats. Trey and the others also didn’t know what I had been busy with all weekend (other than taking care of the younger kiddos). I’m happy to say they all loved it and each stated, “now to keep it that clean and nice!”. Yes, it was disgusting when I started and actually took most of the day just prepping and scrubbing to get it ready to paint. Yuck!!! We may not have that beautiful lake house but we do have it’s gorgeous bathroom now!