Those Darn Cats

These to are purr-fectly the best! I’ve heard stories of people having bad, crazy cats but not so with these two. They are affectionate cuddlers that sleep with us and the kids at night. They are constant companions for Trey while he sits at his computer. They are great at keeping his desk chair warm or guarding his keyboard. Archie gives fantastic head compressions while Pippa helps me with the laundry. When I take it out of the dryer she makes sure none of it gets away. They will help us wake the kids up for school. Archie has become a great hunter of mice outside and if we ever hear a scurry in the attic we put the two of them up there for a few hours and they take care of it. Pippa is staying petite while Archie is continuing to grow in body size as well as his long fluffy coat. We just love them both so much and couldn’t imagine any better cats suited for our family, although I did see a coffee cup the other day that said, “I was normal three cats ago (I think)!” so there’s always a chance we could add another!