Happy 21st Elijah!

We love this boy man so much!!! It’s so bizarre to be celebrating his 21st Birthday! How has 21 years passed so quickly? For his big birthday present Trey bought 4 basketball tickets to an NBA game in Memphis and also 4 more to an NBA game in New Orleans for the same weekend. So it’s a guys basketball road trip celebration along with Dad being his wing man as he orders his first Legal drinks! We are are so proud of the boy/man you have grown to be Elijah. We look forward to seeing you expand your territory and move into young adulthood. We love you so very very much!

Seven with Santa

We made it ! We were cutting it close but we saw Santa in the Nick of Time! Not sure if this is the last time or not that all 7 will be in the picture so I treasure it all the more. I’m so thankful Elijah came along even though he will be 21 years old in a few days. He certainly made it a Merry time. Gayley was giddy as ever and leapt into Santa’s arms. She thinks he’s “the nicest man ever”. Hanson didn’t know what he was going to ask Santa for. Gayley told him she wanted a pony ornament. As for me you are looking at what I want, all seven of our children home for Christmas. Merrily Blessed!

Christmas Plaid

Gayley absolutely loves this little Plaid Christmas dress. She wears it every chance she gets. Grammy will certainly be happy knowing that she has gotten her moneys worth out of this sweet little dress.  Oh she’s also really into choker necklaces and wanted me to make a choker out of this snowflake ornament.