Trick or Treating 2018

Trick or Treating is so much fun in our neighborhood. We have the best neighbors that are so sweet to all the kids and the littles enjoy going house to house together. This year some of us Mamas even joined in and wore costumes as we chaperoned our tiny trick or treaters.

Farmer Day

At Gayley’s preschool they celebrated Farmer’s Day. It’s such a fun time when they have learned all about farms that grow produce or ones that have all kinds of animals. They learn about where milk, cheese and butter come from too. The older groups go visit a local farm but the younger ones get to dress up as a farmer or any farm animal. I was thrilled to have found this horse costume at the Thrift Store for $3.48! I later saw the same one at a retail store for $24.98!! Gayley loved her pony and loved “galloping” all around school!

Monster Mash

The kids had a Spooktacular Monster Mash party prior to Halloween. The older ones carved pumpkins while the littles painted theirs. They had loads of spooky snacks and treats and ghostly tunes to dance to. We had some pretty cute super heroes, pirates, princesses, Buzz, Little Bo Peep and such. It was a smashing Monster Mash!

Ballet Princess Farm Girl

I kid you not. This was not staged. I say, “Gayley go get dressed to go to the farm.” and this is what comes down the stairs! She was so pleased with herself and lives in this bright pink costume so away we went to the farm. I did take some back up cloths incase she wanted to change but she never did and had so much fun on the farm. Of course I had to capture this moment of our silly ballet princess farm girl!

Spin and Twirl

Gayley had the sweetest ballet birthday party for her Four year old Birthday. Our friends daughter, Elizabeth, is a very accomplished dancer who agreed to come be the little girls’ ballet instructor for the party. She did so well with them and kept their attention while teaching them. They were all so adorable twirling, leaping and doing their plies.

Happy 4th Birthday my beautiful baby ballerina!