First Day K3

Gayley was ecstatic for her school to start! She has missed it all summer and couldn’t wait to see her bestie, Ella Kate! These two girls just love each other to pieces. She is in the Brilliant Butterflies with Mrs. Leisha and Mrs. Lindsey and they are wonderful! We are so pleased and so thankful for her preschool and how all the teachers and staff love and teach the children. Best Mothers Day Out around!

Mommy’s Helper

Gayley is always wanting to help me paint and this time I finally had a project that she could. I let her help paint the base cabinet that goes in the office/basement bathroom. Trey and I designed it, Trey built it and I painted and stained it along with my little helper.

Wild Wild West

It was the return of the youth group night after being off for the summer and the theme was Wild West. Joseph and Jordan got all gossied up, grabbed their rifles and moseyed on down to the church. This is such a really big great group of teens for such a small church.

Yeehaw partner!

Piggy goes to Market

You could say that “this little piggy went to market and went wee wee wee all the way home” because we took Mama pig back to the butcher we bought her from. Getting her into our DIY enclosed trailer was quite comical. Ya know that saying, “when pigs fly”, well we didn’t have the top on the trailer when we first loaded her and this 200+ pig jumped over the back gate nearly taking me out! I got an up close view of her hoofs as she flew past me!!! We laughed at our crazy looking trailer that screamed “when suburbanites think they are farmers”! Thankfully Mr. Melvin and his brother came to our aide and Mama pig was loaded up without incident. We have our meat back now and the verdict is still out as to if we will process any more pigs. The ham slices and bacon while Smokey they are tough and gamey so I glazed the ham which helped. The pork chops are also a tad tough so they need to be tenderized prior to grilling. The breakfast sausage is wonderful so if we do any more processing we might just have it all turned into sausage. It’s been an experience but one I think we will leave for other farmers so we can just relax and enjoy our farm as leisure.

2018-2019 FDS

Kindergarten–Take 2!! Hanson is happily back with Mrs. Pate, as her special helper. There are 6 repeat kindergarteners this year that have been given the status as helpers to show the new kids around and to help the teachers. I don’t think it’s really set in with him that he did not actually move on to first grade but at meet the teacher day he was very very happy to find out that he was in Mrs. Pate’s class again and he was even asked if that was OK or would he like to have a different teacher, he said he wanted to stay with Mrs. Pate. He was very cheerful in the classroom this morning and only got a little tearful when I was leaving and gave me a great big long hug. Praying that this year it all just clicks and makes sense to him & that his confidence grows.

Jordan and Mary are off to eighth grade this year. Just look at all those school supplies I had to get for them. It’s like Christmas in August!! It took me shopping in four stores to find all that was required! They both got new backpacks & lunch bags since they had had the same ones for a couple years now. They left filling snazzy and confident as the “upper class men” on campus!

Joseph is doing school a little different this year. We enrolled him in the K12 program which is an online school with accredited Alabama teachers. He Does 90% of his work on line and then will have a few work books and books sent to him to use also. He logs in every morning and will check his assignments, there are some live classes that are interactive sort of like a conference call where he can ask questions and answer questions from the teacher. He has to do six hours of work each day plus be present for the Live Classes. He’s taking Honors English, Honors Chemistry, Geometry, U.S. History, 3D Digital Arts. He’s the first to do on-line school so it’s new to all of us but so far it looks very well run and organized and they give LOTS of support to both students and partners.

Back to School Bash

With schools starting in just a few days we decided to have one last summer hoorah for all the neighbor kids. We set up the Forbes giant slip-n-slide on our sloped side yard and Trey hung up the outdoor lights. It was a bring your own chair, drinks and towels for your kids and let’s hang out and have fun. Crystal had the idea of getting the colored powder like they use in the color runs. It was a huge hit! The kids squealed with glee as they doused each other in color. The children thought it was especially fun to throw it on the parents. There was a rainbow of children when it was over! I love our neighborhood and how we all enjoy gathering together with our sweet children. The slip-n-slide was perfect for rinsing off after the color fun. We all had a lovely night!