Senior Prom 2018

Not sure how time flew so fast but it did and our Morgan just had his Senior Prom. I was honored to be able to take prom pictures of him and his wonderful friends. He and Meagan have been friends since elementary school and have spent lots of time together at each other’s houses and at many events together. We love Meagan and the two of them together are hilarious. Their comedy just bounces off one another and keeps us in stitches. I’m so glad they went to their senior prom together. Carol Anne has also been in several of Morgan’s classes since middle school. They have all been friends together for so long, it was nice that they went as a group together. We met to take pictures in Mt. Laurel along with what seemed to be everyone else going to proms because there was a mass of tuxes and fancy dresses getting their pictures taken too! Afterwards these four met up with some other couples downtown to take pictures on top of a parking garage. It was a great idea to take pics there, what a background! The large group then went to dinner at Abhi Japanese steakhouse and then off to their Senior Prom.

Tennis Banquet

Last night was so much fun celebrating the 2018 Middle school tennis team. Odd as it may seem this middle school banquet was held at a winery. Wine o’clock right! The parents of one of the girls on the team owns and operates this local winery so they provided the venue (no wine was served). It was not only beautiful but the catering was delicious. The kids had a blast singing and dancing and all of us adults enjoyed the entertainment. I must say they had really good taste in the music picking all 80’s music. Good parenting. Jordan received the boys Almond Joy award for bringing so much joy to the team. He really does love tennis and has developed into quite a good player thanks to great coaches. He will continue to be on a summer YMCA team and play in a tournament down in Auburn, AL to finish out summer league. Such a joy to watch Jordan play and see him so happy.


That’s right you heard it correctly. Soo-Ee yes we bought a Berkshire pig! After watching many many many pig farming you-tube videos on how it all works from buying the pig, building the pen, feeding, watering, cost, getting ready for processing and then how much meat you actually get out of whatever pound pig you take to market we felt ready to go for it. We bought our impregnated pig from our deer processor. One farmer said she was due beginning of April but the other one said end of April, early May. At first we wondered if she was even pregnant at all but lately she has started looking bigger. She has made quite a mess in her pen and the heavy rain we’ve had lately has made quite the mud hole in the barn. We have a dirt guy that we’ve hired to come out and fix the drain issues around the barn but we are still waiting on him to come out. Our friend Russ joined us in purchasing her and will pay for half the processing as well. We will split the meat and we have other friends wanting to buy some from us as well. However many piglets she has we will divide them among us and will sell some, keep some to fatten up and process for us or to sell. Will we continue with the pig farming? Not sure. It’s taken lots of checking on, fixing problems pig has caused, watering and feeding and scooping poop out. Perhaps we will just fill our freezer, share some with friends and sell a few piglets off and call it a life experience. The End. And NO we have not named the pig. You don’t name your food.


I simply love it when my perennials pop up and bloom. This year my Iris’ have been beautiful and abundant. I just bought several bags of discount bulbs and can’t wait to figure out where I’m going to plant them. It’s always a delight when they come in and I see all their colors. Love gardening, love flowers!

Brotherly Love

While we were at Lake Martin Jordan paddled Gayley along the lake to collect flowers. Some he was able to pick while staying on the paddle board but some he had to gently get off not to tip Gayley over and picked the ones she wanted. He was so sweet to her asking where she wanted to go next. They had the best time on the lake together collecting flowers.


Soon we will have 3 boys on car insurance. To say we are Insurance Broke would be an understatement. Joseph has taken the on line test so many times and passed the real deal permit test 100%. He can’t wait to get out on the road to practice. I have no doubts he will be a skillful driver but it’s scary nonetheless for this Mom to watch her child behind the wheel.

Tennis Tournament

Jordan played his legs off at his very first round robin tennis tournament. He absolutely loves tennis and has greatly improved since the beginning of the season. He’s done great considering he’s a first time tennis player. He was over joyed to come in first place in his level! We are so happy he has a sport that he loves. Way to go Jordan and the entire Chelsea tennis team on a great tournament!

What a Day

This guy had quite a day yesterday! We went down to Auburn to scope out areas to either buy a fixer upper, buy a lot to build on, buy a small home or rent a house or apartment for Morgan. While we were in Auburn Morgan found out he was granted the Founders Scholarship which is $8000 a year meaning without a doubt he could attend Auburn University! We found a duplex to rent and met the owner at her house to go over the lease. She is also a professor of pharmacy at AU and lives just around the corner from the duplex. This summer the duplex is getting all new hardwood floors, new ceiling and wall paint, new bathroom vanity, carpets cleaned or replaced if won’t come clean. It’s going to be like new when he moves in. It’s in an amazing spot in the Historic District off North College street just up the road from Toomer’s Corner and is easily a five minute walk to campus! Morgan asked one of his lacrosse pals to be his roommate and Trey talked to his parents and both were super excited about it. Each family sent in their portion of the deposit and so it’s official he has a place to live and a room mate! To top it all off he won his lacrosse game big time 13-5!!! What an epic day!