Pretty Penny

Poor Penny puts up with so much.  Gayley  absolutely loves her and loves putting every one of her “band heads” on Penny. Sweet dog just lays there while Gayley makes her pretty. Gayley loves to get in Penny’s kennel and lay down with her or in her bed in our room. Best dog ever!!!!

St. Patrick’s Egg Hunt

Mrs. Kate and I took Wesley and Gayley to an egg hunt on St.Patricks Day. These two had so much fun gathering eggs, playing games, eating & jumping in the bounce house and they kept Kate and I laughing so hard with their conversations about so many random things! Life with toddlers! 

Birthday Match

Jordan celebrated turning 13 by winning his singles tennis match 6-0! His team also won their matches over the opposition. Before leaving the team sang Happy Birthday to him and all had Birthday brownie bites. We got the Birthday boy his favorite Zaxby meal then went home for cake and presents. This year Jordan received a new tennis racket, two new tennis outfits, socks and shoes, knife and money. We sure do love this new teenager! Happy 13th Birthday Jordan. Welcome to your teens!!!

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Under the Big Top

The entire kindergarten put on a musical circus called Under the Big Top. Hanson was an adorable zebra. There were groups of 6-8 kids playing lions, tigers, clowns, trapeze artist, strong men, seals, trainers, horses and Cowboys, acrobats, zebras and ring masters. It was done so well and one of  best kindergarten performance I’ve seen! We love our little Zebra!

Braces On

Today was the day Mary has been eagerly awaiting- getting her first phase of braces on. She’s been wearing a headgear and has a palatal expander which is improving her bite and her premolars have come in so now she was ready for some braces on six of her top teeth. Dr. Edwards reemphasized that she had a long journey to getting straight teeth but if she kept doing what she needed then she’d get there. What a momentous day for this teenager!

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