2018 Tennis Team

Jordan is on the Middle school tennis team and loves it! He is quite a natural, takes after his Daddy. He’s playing great for a first timer! He won his first singles 8-0 and then he and his partner won their doubles 8-1!  Way to go Jordan!!

❤️Valentine’s Day❤️

Gayley had a fun day at Pre-school showing God’s love to her little friends. She was so excited telling us about all her cards and candy and toys her friends gave her. Just too sweet! She also had a blast learning about and playing with dinosaurs!!

Fat Tuesday

Happy Mardi Gras! Nothing says it’s Mardi Gras like a King cake from Paul’s Pastry in Picayune, MS. Grammy and Pawpaw brought two up to us on their last visit. They were huge and oh so delicious! #mardigras #fattuesdsy #bontonroulet #kingcake 

Presenting Pippa

Meet Pippa aka kitty cat, Kitty, or whatever new name Gayley comes up with day by day. She’s officially listed as Pippa at our vets’ and is a flame tip Siamese . She is from the same place we got Penny and is the most playful, entertaining, soft,snuggly, affectionate kitten and she and Penny are getting along nicely. She keeps Trey company at his desk throughout the day and will nap on him. She attacks the tip of Penny’s tail and hugs and chews on her face and Penny likes to chase her. At first it was a bit scary wondering if Penny would hurt her but she is very gentle with her. Occasionally they even snuggle up and nap together. They are exactly what we wished for.