15 Candles

Happy 15th Birthday to this boy who loves flipping, dancing, sketching, gaming, building literal bridges and trails in the woods & could soon have a driver’s permit! We love you and wish you the happiest 15th year!

Welcome Home Renn

Today Elijah drove to Bear Creek to pick up his baby girl, Renn. He has waited nearly a month to bring her home and he couldn’t wait to go get her! He also brought home one of her brothers who is going to our neighbor, Mrs. Leanne. Welcome home Renn!

A Sister’s Love

Gayley absolutely adores her big brother Hanson. They are generally so sweet with each other only fuss a tiny bit. Here is Hanson sound asleep and Gayley loving on him. She kept rubbing his head and giving him soft kisses on his head and cheek. It didn’t wake him up at all. 

Princess Shopper

Oh my goodness this pink & purple loving, crazy about Princesses, wearing pretty dresses ALL the time girl had a blast picking out two tiny princesses. She picked Belle and Repunzel and bought them with her Christmas cash from Mammaw and Pawpaw. She was too cute giving her money to the cashier. She loves these tiny dolls as you can tell. I’m so enjoying her in this costume phase just as the boys were in their super hero ones. I just eat it up knowing all too well that this will be over way sooner than I’d like and she will be grown before we know it. I so love this Princess girly girl! 

Pound Penny

After about two years of being dog free we now have a new member of the family- Penny. She’s the sweetest pound puppy you could ever meet. She’s about a year and a half lab mix mostly house. She loves on all the children and is happiest curled up next to someone with her head on their lap. We couldn’t have found a better dog. Welcome to the family Penny!