Gayley’s 1st Haircut

“Look at my hair Mommy isn’t it beautiful!”.  I looked at Gayleys hair and then looked again and saw a crisp cut line at her temple. The dreaded perhaps in evitable had indeed happened. This spirited 3 year old cut her hair, her beautiful long golden curls!!

She took me upstairs to where the little beautician had chopped her locks and there they laid on the carpet. At first I thought she had just given herself bangs but the next day it was noticed that she had also taken off a bit on each side leaving just a long strip in the middle of her back. And she had also cut the pink ribbon on her dress above and gave the stuffed horses a trim as well! After searching several salons Mommy found her former beautician to give Gayley her First “official” haircut.  Mrs. Sandra did and excellent job and Gayley loved every minute of it.  After several prompting and suggestions we got Gayley to agree that we were going to leave all the hair cutting to Mrs. Sandra for now on! 


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