Chelsea HOCO17

This Homecoming was a first and a last for these two handsome sons of ours. It was Joseph’s first high school homecoming and Morgan’s last at Chelsea. No dates needed for them to go and have a good time with friends. #HOCO17 #chelseahigh 

3 year Check-Up

This silly monster had her 3 year old well check-up today. It was a much happier visit today than we had a couple weeks ago when she was feeling so very bad from a fever virus. Dr. A was super impressed with Gayley’s vocabulary and funny outgoing personality. She checked out perfectly and is on a healthy tract. Gayley’s favorite part was the card game (eye exam) and was not a fan of the blood pressure cuff squeezing her arm! We think she’s pretty perfect now she’s Doctor certified as well 😉! 

Ortho Consult

This girl is super ecstatic about getting braces! She had her consult this morning and after radiographs, measurements, pictures and exam we had a game plan. She is in for a long haul of palatial expanders and head gear before braces are put on but she will ultimately have straight teeth. #welovedredwards #braces #❤️straightteeth #headgear #braceface 

Elijah’s JEEP

Just look at the beautiful green machine! Elijah is sitting pretty in his “new” 1983 CJ7! We bought it out of California and after waiting a few weeks to find a shipper heading our way it arrived to our delight! It is soooo nice and WAY taller than it looks! The paint job is beautiful and it has the most comfortable seats of all our Jeeps. Trey has already added a few things to it like center console and glove box, soft doors and review mirror. We are so happy for Elijah to have his Jeep, it suits him well!!!

Farm Sweet Farm


After working hard to pay down debt, saving and not using a single credit card for over 3 years we were finally able to buy our first farm! We had been searching on and off for years for some land. We thought maybe 10-15 acres would work fine and we had mainly searched in areas near by south west of our home and then one night Trey checked Craigslist before going to bed and there was this unbelievable piece of property. Trey text the seller and then they talked on phone about the land. The next day Trey met the owner who showed him around the land. Later that week Trey took me out to see it and I couldn’t believe how big it was. The owner stayed true to his word and hand shake and after a few delays we met to close on our 34 acres with bungalow, pond and barn! We are truly blessed and so excited to be land owners!

First thing we did was clean out the bungalow and painted it blue. We can’t wait to do all the creative things we have planned and I’m sure some that will be thought up as we go along. Life is going to be good down on the farm!

Kitty Cat Birthday 

Sweet Gayley turned 3 & had such a sweet Kitty Cat Birthday party!!! She was oh so happy to see her kitty cat cake and cupcakes and so much pretty pink everywhere! She was tickled pink!

She and her friends had fun with sidewalk chalk and kitty coloring sheets and crafts. She did fantastic blowing out her candles too!  

She was blessed with many wonderful gifts like a purring fluffy kitty, mermaid costume, Tinkerbell costume, watch, Skye Paw Patrol toy, Hello Kitty activity book , fairy wings and crowns and fancy jeweled magic wand and Little Red Ridinghood costume. It was certainly the “pretend play/dress-up” birthday! We are beyond blessed with this  spunky fancy girly girl with the softest high pitch voice. Thank you Lord for Gayley and may she have so much fun as a 3 year old wearing and pretending to be whoever she wants in all her costumes!