Trunk or Treat #2 & #3

Our sweet Goldie & Bear had so much fun at Double Oak Community Church’s Fall Festival in Mount Laurel. This year it was sooo chilly our poor Goldie’s teeth chattered and was ready to go get in the car to get warm. We love going to this event every year because there is never anything scary however there was a Wizard of Oz display with the Wicked  Witch of the West legs and feet sticking out from under a Haybale and on the way home Gayley said she did not want to get stuck under the hay like her little friend and was very distraught and worried about the little girl stuck under the hay. She was very troubled by the whole scene and kept telling everyone that she did not want to get stuck under the hay and we kept reassuring her she would not and that it was not real and there was no little girl under the hay. Funny what really is scary to these little ones. After this festival we went over to another churches trunk or treat and played games, took a train ride, painted pumpkins for a little while and got warm with chili, soup and hot coffee. It was a very fun filled afternoon! So glad Grammy and Paw Paw came up to enjoy these events with us! 

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