3 year Check-Up

This silly monster had her 3 year old well check-up today. It was a much happier visit today than we had a couple weeks ago when she was feeling so very bad from a fever virus. Dr. A was super impressed with Gayley’s vocabulary and funny outgoing personality. She checked out perfectly and is on a healthy tract. Gayley’s favorite part was the card game (eye exam) and was not a fan of the blood pressure cuff squeezing her arm! We think she’s pretty perfect now she’s Doctor certified as well 😉! 

Ortho Consult

This girl is super ecstatic about getting braces! She had her consult this morning and after radiographs, measurements, pictures and exam we had a game plan. She is in for a long haul of palatial expanders and head gear before braces are put on but she will ultimately have straight teeth. #welovedredwards #braces #❤️straightteeth #headgear #braceface