Happy Halloween 

We made most of our costume, wore the costumes (some had multiple wardrobe changes), dressed up for work, went to parties, got the candy, gave out candy, hung with friends and made memories! My office dressed as Moana characters for our patients and I was that crazy chicken Hei Hei. Elijah was a sexy cop at his work, Morgan made a Hanging Chad costume, Joseph made his Night Wing outfit, Mary was Batgirl, Jordan went as Green Lantern, Hanson and Gayley were going as Goldie and Bear but Hanson decided last minute he wanted to be Batman because it was more comfy! It’s been a fun time of dress up and creativity and make believe!

Mary the Teen Age Girl

We now have a teen age girl in the house. Mary celebrated her 13th Birthday this weekend and celebrated by going shopping with her best friend, Grammy and Mom and then had some amazing milkshakes at K&J Pastries. These aren’t just your average desserts they’re delicious but works of art!

She also got lots of money in cards, new sandals, a curling iron and a traditional Polish meal of breaded pork chops, sauerkraut, potatoes, pickled beets and perpogies. It’s good to be 13!

Trunk or Treat #2 & #3

Our sweet Goldie & Bear had so much fun at Double Oak Community Church’s Fall Festival in Mount Laurel. This year it was sooo chilly our poor Goldie’s teeth chattered and was ready to go get in the car to get warm. We love going to this event every year because there is never anything scary however there was a Wizard of Oz display with the Wicked  Witch of the West legs and feet sticking out from under a Haybale and on the way home Gayley said she did not want to get stuck under the hay like her little friend and was very distraught and worried about the little girl stuck under the hay. She was very troubled by the whole scene and kept telling everyone that she did not want to get stuck under the hay and we kept reassuring her she would not and that it was not real and there was no little girl under the hay. Funny what really is scary to these little ones. After this festival we went over to another churches trunk or treat and played games, took a train ride, painted pumpkins for a little while and got warm with chili, soup and hot coffee. It was a very fun filled afternoon! So glad Grammy and Paw Paw came up to enjoy these events with us! 

Trunk or Treat #1

Tonight we went to a Trunk or Treat with our super cool friend Wesley and his Mama Mrs. Kate. We had so much fun playing carnival games, filling our buckets with candy, going on hay rides, taking pictures and getting giant size cotton candy! 

Homeschool HOCO

Joseph was invited to his friends homeschoolers Homecoming and lit it up! He said it was so much fun being there with no one (except 4) knowing him. He felt like he was crashing a party and so he tore up the dance floor! He definetly accelerated the energy and made it a memorable HOCO!!

A Taste of Poland

Who could have guessed that we would have a Polish family living one street up from us and that there would be so many Polish friends group get togethers in our area? While Grammy and Pawpaw were up for Mary’s Birthday we attended this  Polish cultural event. During it Polish friends demonstrated the art of making pierogis, shared native Polish foods and desserts and talked about holiday foods and traditions. There were also traditional Polish costumes that you could try on and take pictures. Mary is pictured with our friend Veronica’s grandmother who spends half the year in Warsaw and the other half in the states. She’s a wonderful Babsha! It was a very fun event and so good for Mary to get to see and hear about her first country.

My Tractor Man

After searching on line for weeks on end via eBay, Craig’s list and dealerships, visiting John Deer 3 times, Kabota twice, Mahindra, various used lots and even driving to middle of no where to see a private owner selling his John Deer with several implements and deciding it wasn’t the one Trey finally pulled the trigger and bought a brand new LS tractor. He had visited them no less that half a dozen times and sat on several sizes pondering which one would be best. He also got a 6 foot bush hog which makes him so happy! Cutting our fields at the farm will be a dream on this beautiful tractor.  I absolutely love this LS blue and yes I think his tractor’s sexy! 

Orange Day

Today was Show Your Colors for “Orange Day” at Gayley’s school. She was so excited to wear the orange skirt Mrs. Mindy gave her for her Birthday and she loved her shirt especially the girl in the lady bug costume! She said, “Look, I’m a little pumpkin!”.

Sunday Service

Another sketch Joseph did during Sunday service. Now if he would just sketch images that our pastor is talking about like Shadrack, Meshach and Ebednego in the fiery furnace for instance.