Fever Virus?

Well my nice leisurely day off attending a continuing education seminar at the stunning Grand Bohemian Hotel was abruptly halted when I got a text from the sitter saying that Gayley had a 103.3 temperature. After much texting back-and-forth between our sitter, Trey and I we decided for Trey to go ahead and pick baby girl up and I would meet him at the doctors office. I called her doctor and explained what was going on and they got her right in at 11:00. The crazy thing was that when I dropped her off she was all chipper and fine and then by 8:40 a.m  she had a super high fever so Miss Mindy gave her some Motrin. By the time we were taken back to see the doctor she was jumping around and Little Miss chatty self like not sick at all and temp was 99.5-Motrin working! The doctor checked her over and ears clear, did strep test which was negative even with red throat. She had to have a finger pricked to get a blood sample to which it came back super high white blood count so they were thinking bacterial infection so we needed to get a urine sample. Sweet girl had not eaten nor drank anything all morning so she was not able to TT in the potty so we went to step two and she had to have a bag taped onto her and then a diaper hoping she would just TT in the diaper and let the bag collect it, oh that was so much fun ya know since we are in the prime of potty training and she did not want to TT in the diaper!!! During the course of being there her fever spiked again and so the doctor and nurses were able to see that and re-check her temperature which had gone back up to 103 and she was given Tylenol and then later more Motrin later on. To sum it all up we were there from 11 AM till 2 PM and Gayley jumped all over the pain rating scale. She finally got so upset she did wet and they were able to check her urine which came back normal too. The Doctor examined her from head to toe again and this time Gayley was feeling a tad better and even wanted to drink her juice which earlier she had wailed and protested to not drink. So her test will be checked again in morning to see if anything changes and if not then all is well. She will stay on Tylenol/Motrin alternates and we will monitor her. Praying she will drink more and get her appetite back and that this “Fever Virus” as doctor is calling it will leave her sooner than later!!! 

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