Twice the Blessings

Mary and Jordan were invited to their friend, Kayleigh’s 13th Bithday and instead of presents she wanted a donation to be given to Hurricane Harvey victims in Houston. What a sweet girl! I had just read a post about some local twins who wanted to help too and were collecting new underwear for the children in shelters. They have family aiding victims via a church and were told little ones were running around cammando so instead of toys they really needed new undies! The six year old twins decided they wanted to collect 100 packages to send out to the Houston children. So with the Kayleigh Birthday invite and request to help Harvey victims I told Kayleigh’s Mom about the underwear drive right here in our little city and asked if we could give some in honor of Kayleigh’s Birthday wish, she agreed it was a great practice idea. Below is the post the girls’ Mom had put on Facebook and the dozen packs of undies Mary and Jordan gave. Five little girls and five boys plus since we are in the middle of toilet training and I know how helpful these are, 2 packs of thick toddler training pants.

I connected with the girls’ mom (Angie) and told her about Kayleigh’s Birthday wish to help Hurricane Harvey people too and that we wanted to donate in honor of her, where could we meet or drop off the packs? She was so touched by this and offered to come pick them up during the Birthday party so that she and the girls could thank Kayleigh and Mary and Jordan. How thoughtful is that! She said she just knows God is going to use this to bless so many and indeed it already has. As of last count these little six year olds have collected 100 packs of new underwear plus $350 they will spend on more packs! To God be the Glory! 

If anyone wants to donate too you can thru PayPal, see the address above the picture of the girls.