Nap Time

While Trey and I had our morning coffee Bun Bun got in a short nap next to us! Seriously she was catching some Zzzzz’s!!! Can you call it a cat nap when it’s a bunny napping?!?

πŸ“šπŸŽFirst Day of School 2017-2018πŸŽπŸ“

This year we will have children in FIVE seperate levels of education. We have a college sophomore that starts later this month, a high school Senior and Freshman, two middle school seventh graders, an elementary kindergartener and a pre-schooler!!!!! Hanson was super excited about starting kindergarten and did just fine taking Mommy to his class. He is going to do great in K-5, he even has a pre-school pal in class with him.  Mary and Jordan were a bit embarrassed for some reason with Mom taking pictures of them at the bus stop and yelling, “Best day ever, thank you!!!!” to the bus driver who laughed and gave Mom a big thumbs up! Ah Middle Schoolers! Joseph was Mr. Joe cool and chill about his first day of High school. Our Senior, Morgan asked if the holding the grade signs was still a thing but willingly complied to amuse this mom. Praying they all have a great first day, like their lockers, find their classes and teachers in a timely manner, remember their lunch numbers, meet new friends in classes and reunite with old ones and get on the right buses to come home!