Meow meow

Gayley loves kitties! I mean absolutely adores them, talks about “her” kitty even though we don’t have one of our own. Our neighbor however has a mama cat that is constantly having a litter and recently one of mama’s offspring had kitties a few weeks before mama cat had another set so there have been multiple kitties of various sizes running around which truly delights this little girl! This tabby is an older sibling to the new ones and not the one that had kitties. I missed taking pictures of Gayley laying in the driveway with her first face to face then beside her then with her arm wrapped across her and eventually Gayley laying on her because she just can’t snuggle enough! All the while she is talking away to kitty and telling her how much she loves her and giggling! She just loves them! Oh and this girly of mine is sporting a painted on princess crown from the movie in the park and wearing older sisters too big dress and a bracelet as a choker necklace. 


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