Pre-School Graduation

Our sweet Hanson graduated from Pre-School and is moving onto Kindergarten. There were 51 that graduated this year from Little Lambs MDO. They had such a nice ceremony and reception, they think of everything! Hanson sure has had a fantastic Pre-School experience. He has made lots of friends and was well loved on and cared for by all the teachers and staff. They did so much throughout the year and he had a blast! We absolutely love this school!! Gayley can not contain how much she wants to go to school here. She cried and cried saying she wanted to stay when we left. Believe it or not Hanson is the first of our kids to have a pre-school graduation. All the others were just home with us until they started kindergarten. Gayley will start here in the Fall and Hanson will be around the corner at the elementary school. Hanson is super excited about being in Kindergarten too and a lot of his MDO pals will be going to his school so hopefully they will be reunited there. So excited for our riding Kindergartener Hanson!!!


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