That’s right Joseph is FOURTEEN!!! Crazy how fast he is growing up but this year or past Fall he has literally grown taller, feet longer, added body hair and voice deeper! To celebrate his 14th he was treated by friends to see La La Land. All of them raved about how fantastic it was. One of his friends’ Dad is a published artist and painted a water color of Batman which Joseph now has hung on his bedroom wall. He got a brand new motor for his go-cart and his guitar completely strung and tuned along with Grandparent money and gifts from friends. It was a good celebration. Happy 14th Birthday Joseph!

Lunch Nap

This is what happens when 2 year olds wake up and stay up at 4:45 a.m. Poor thing was exhausted and took  a 3 1/2-4 hour nap. Wish Mommy could have but no had to rely on afternoon coffee to make it through the evening. 

Ice Day

Most call it “Snow Day” but in reality all we got was no school, a whole lot of cold along with sleet, iced streets, closed roads and wrecks!Saturday we stayed home and slid down frozen lawns, built iceman and thawed out with hot cocoa, coffee and for the most part chilled! We survived #winterstorm2017#snowday

One Last Escaped

On their last vacation day before going back to school we packed in one last fun day. They slept in late we then we hit the ice rink for some longed awaited ice skating. Remarkably no one got hurt not even Mommy!  After ice skating my hungry bunch ate at Chicfila then we went to see SING at the theater. It was one fun packed day!!

Mischievous Monday

Gayley thought her melted ice cream made great paint for her to leave her handprints all over our wall! She went from finger painting with ice cream to bathtub finger paint soap!