Christmas Eve Service

Christmas Eve service at Church of the Highlands was wonderful as usual! It was especially special to me as during worship and singing traditional carols I looked over & watched Gayley snuggle close to Trey with their cheeks touching and her little arms wrapped around his head and neck and every now and then she would kiss his cheek then hug him. It was precious true but what had tears flowing down my face was that I had seen this very seen before in a dream 13 years ago, now 15 years after we lost our baby girl Catherine Grace. It was while we lived in Mississippi and going to Church of the Good Sheperd and was Christmas time. I had a clear dream of Trey holding our daughter wearing a blue dress in service and singing as she laid her cheek next to his, her arms wrapped around him.  What happened this Christmas Eve service was just like my dream 13 years ago!! It’s not a fluke or coincidence it was prophetic and I praise God for allowing it to come true. I could have dressed Catherine “Gayley” in many other Christmas dresses and checked her into the nursery but here she was in the light blue dress snuggled up to her Daddy during worship just like the vision! Christmas miracles do come true! 


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