The Great Outdoors

Prior to spending hours indoors watching the Iron Bowl and Egg Bowl and all the other football bowls we took the kids to Oak Mountain State Park for some outdoor fun. The farm was fantastic and everyone loved loving on and feeding the many goats, donkey and ducks. Gayley was right in the mix of animals and didn’t hesitate to push a pushy goat out of her way! This girl loves her barnyard animals, except for the rooster who she fusses at for being too loud!! The only thing missing was a calf for Trey🐂! After the barn we went to the new playground which is fantastic. So many obstacles and swings galore with a beautiful lake side view! 

Thanksgiving Art Show 

Hanson’s sweet little preschool had a Thanksgiving Program and art show. I had no idea he had learned so many songs and hand motions. He was so cute and did all the motions and sang out loud for every song. After they sang we met them in their room then he took me to his class table where all his art work was on display. Once again I had no idea they had been so crafty and had done so much art work! I was delighted and impressed with all his pieces. We now have some colorful Thanksiving decorations made by our little Indian Boy. Their chapel verse for the week was “Give thanks to the Lord, for he is good, his love endures forever.” Psalm 106:1  

Big Eyes

Oh what fun silly eye stickers can be! She sure has fun with the Make-a-Face sticker book even Making faces on her own face.