Too long Check-up 

What I had thought was going to be just a quick 4 year (yes he’s 4 years and 4 months now) well child check-up turned into a 2 hour, 4 immunizations and an antibiotic prescription and a recheck ear infection appointment!!! These two monkeys and I listened to lullabye songs and sang and danced to entertain us while we waited and waited and waited for the doctor to come. He wasn’t behind on any shots but they now give what I consider 5 year kindergarten shots between 4-5 years. Shots were not on the list of to-do’s today on Gayley’s party day! I hadn’t reschedule his appointment because the next one would have been November and we were already behind because of switching him to this group so I thought no big deal we will be in and out plenty of time to get ready for her party. Omg my easy going day turned into a mad dash to get babies lunch in them and down for a snippit of a nap before going over to Mrs. Mindy’s for Gayley’s Barnyard Birthday!When the doctor checked his ear she asked if he had complained about his ear hurting and I said “yes” last week he coughed all night and came down holding his ear crying and had fever. I took him to work with me and called to get him in but nurse told me some home remedies to do said call back if he gets worse. Well he didn’t complain because I kept giving him Advil and all but sure enough it was infected indeed!!! I didn’t let them give him all the vaccines just 3 plus the Flu shot. Two in each leg is enough especially when you are heading off to your sisters Birthday party! He has to go back in two weeks to have his infected ear checked to make sure it’s all clear so he will get a few more then.  Oh and he was so brave getting his shots!!! By then Gayley was beyond hungry, ready for nap and ready to escape that room so I had my arms full of her crying so one nurse placed her hands on his arms that were crossed on his chest and another gave the shots. He laid there frozen as can be and didn’t flinch except after each second shot on each leg and only had quiet tears after the last one! We all said how brave and strong  and what a big boy he was and he gave me a big long hug! Bless his heart!! Later in the day he said those shots didn’t hurt well just a little but he was so strong!! Our strong brave boy has great hearing and eye sight. He is in the 95th percentile weighing 40 lbs 5 oz and height at 3 feet 8 inches at 4 years old!!!! 


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