Our Little Treaters

This year for Trunk or Treat we had Super Girl, Batman, Robin, a pirate and an angel. The next night they went as Tinkerbell, “Greenman”, The Joker, a skeleton and an angel and had a marvelous time!🎃

The Dixie Top 200

The Dixie Top 200 was held in Nashville this year and was on Trey’s annual MS Bro Bow Hunt weekend so I was able to take Morgan and spend time with him. Again it was a great weekend filled with exception coaching by incredible D1, D2, and D3 college coaches. Morgan spent a lot of time with the NAvy coach as he was the Face Off coach for the weekend. Morgan stood out at face offs but also did excellent at defense and was complimented greatly by the Furman coach for it. He talked with several coaches about there programs Denver, Cumberlands, BSC where Elijah is and others. It was a beautiful weekend perfect for lacrosse and he learned a lot and was seen by many coaches. I had a great time just sitting and peacefully watching him play (along with a smidge of Thrift Store shopping while he was in a session)! It was a great weekend get-away! Thanks to Grammy and Pawpaw who came up and kept the rest of the kiddos at our home, couldn’t have done it without you! 

Cupcake Wars Birthday

For Mary’s 12th Birthday she had a Cupcake Wars Birthday with her besties along with a dance party in the living room and cheer stunts in front yard!!!  Everyone was so talented in their decorating and her friends gave her sweet thoughtful gifts. She is a very happy 12 year old! Happy 12th Mary! 

Grace House

Nothing says Fall better than a pumpkin patch! Granted it was at a local park and pumpkins were toted in it was still fun for our littles and photo op worthy.

Gayley’s sweet dress arrived just in time a day earlier and out of the blue she’s taken to this pretty flower headband that she insisted on wearing. Looks like We may have found a pretty she will willingly keep in her hair. The pumpkins were perfect and getting to hold and pet some not so usual pets were unexpected although Gayley stuck to chasing down fluffy pups to cuddle and get her candy face licked clean! 

Homecoming 2016

My handsome sons and their Homecoming dates. Morgan and Ceci and the gang went together and Elijah joined Neely for her Senior Homecoming. Love these guys so much! A great group of kids we have!! Happy Homecoming 2016!! Go Hornets!