Birthday Boys

This dynamic duo celebrated their shared Birthday together starting with a Huddle House breakfast before school and then dinner with a dessert serenade and finished with presents and cake back at the house. Morgan turned 17! We got him led lights for the interior of his car, a strobe lightbulb for his room, knife and a 4 person pass to Breakout. He’s wearing his sharp party shirt from Pawpaw and Mamaw and enjoying having Birthday cash from Pawpaw and Grammy. A great day for two great guys!!!

☠Talk Like a Pirate Day☠

Omg! We went and we waited and waited and waited in line for nearly TWO hours to get our donuts! It was insane but when you get all dressed up and have a 4 year old that has asked daily for the last week about getting his pirate donuts you pull up your pirate knickers, put your eye patch on and make a few more friends as you all creep along in the sloth like line. I must say the kiddos were champs and had fun hanging out with friends. Not one melt down although I thought Gayley was going to fall asleep at one point. Rrrrrr! Donuts for breakfast all week long!

Annual Dove Hunt

It was the perfect start to a long Labor Day weekend and one of Trey’s most anticipated days of the year. . . the Rhea Family Dove Hunt!!! The fields had been seeded, the guns sighted in, ammo bought and camo on. This year Trey took Joseph and this eagle eye 13 year old boy killed 2 birds with one shot!! For some reason there just weren’t many birds to shoot this year even with all the prep work Trey and Barry did in the fields over the summer. 

As always it’s not the quantity of birds you shoot but the quality of people you are with and the Rheas are top notch gems! My guys had a blast shooting and spending Father-Son time together. Photo credits go to the fabulous Taylor Lane Rhea. Thanks so much Taylor!!!