These Faces

These faces as crazy, corny, goofy, silly as they are are faces of some terrific college, career and Senior High bound kids we have come to love over the years of friendship they have had with our boys. They are fun, energetic, creative, mindful, passionate, witty, naive, centered, artistic, kind, loyal, dependable, hard working, hilarious, focused, funny, friends of our family and we have been so blessed to have them as regulars in our home. They are aspiring business men and women, teachers, tattoo artist, accountants, environmental lawyers, entrepreneurs, scientist, researchers, doctors, stay-at-home Moms and much more! We sure are going to miss them as they go near and wide to colleges and jobs and pray they will find time to swing in for a hug or feast at a football gathering. On a side note if one of these faces are you then comment so I know who truly is a follower of my blog and not just saying they are!!!