Our College Boy

Well the day I never imagined or even thought much about as I was steadily caring for our sweet first born son and all his siblings happened today. We moved him into his college dorm at Birmingham Southern College. I guess when you’re in the thick of raising little ones taking them to and from their ball games, school events, Birthday parties and doing all their dirty laundry and 1000’s of meals where they are going to college just isn’t in the minds of us Mommies. But. . . . . . Today this boy got his dorm room key, parking pass, BSC socks and Fall class schedule and moved into his dorm with his lacrosse room mate, Taylor. I must admit it was a tad bit anti-climatic. It was just felt weird getting all his stuff placed in his room and unpacking with his room mate and his parents and grandmother and Trey and I and Elijah and His girlfriend all in this tiny room setting up.  I kind of felt like a third wheel like I just needed to leave so he could do his thing and get to all the meetings the school had planned for him. 

I tell you I don’t know what I’ll do if the  other kids go to school out of state because it’s so heart wrenching not having Elijah home and he’s only downtown like 35 minutes away!!!  Hanson has already shed some tears about Elijah not sleeping here anymore! I know Elijah is going to do amazing at BSC and I’m so greatful  he’s able to attend such a prestigious college near home but this Momma sure does miss her first baby boy!