Falling Rock Falls

Summer is not complete without going on at least one little adventure hike. Grammy drove up with our nephew, Mark and niece, Abby for a visit so we ventured out to Montevallo in search of Falling Rock Falls. With terms that expressed “Danger”, “fatal”, “Not Disney World”, “extreme caution “, “eminent death”, “fall will kill you” we of course took six children, one senior citizen and two adults with one wearing a toddler on this 1.5 mile trek to the 90 foot falls! It was indeed challenging at points but slow and steady got us all down and back up safely. The falls were pretty cool with the huge cavern behind it and we had fun exploring but lack of rain resulted in only a trickle of water from the falls. Still it was enough to cool us off from the hike and prepare us for the steep climb back out. It was a great hike and once we were back on the main trail we were refreshed by a cool breeze and sprinkles. Love soft summer showers! I think we succeeded in wearing out the kiddos and worked muscles in us adults that hadn’t been used in a while! #@FallingRockFalls



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