Happily Forever After

Joseph, Jordan and Mary all participated in the Children’s Worship Choir Musical Theater Camp again this year. I signed them up way early in the summer and when it came to camp week it was crazy around here!! Morgan was without a vehicle due to his jeep dying so he and I and were sharing vehicles, Trey was out of town in New York and Elijah needed his car for work. Morgan had his daily Godspeed work outs in the mornings and I had work a few days so getting these 3 to and from camp each day looked impossible! I decided it was all just too much and they simply could not do it due to logistics. So on Day 1 of camp I get a call about 10:30 a.m from the director of the camp saying she saw they weren’t there and said how much she greatly needed them especially the boys. They only had a few boys sign up this year and they were too young to play the lead boy roles which she had already assigned to Joseph and Jordan! I told her the whole situation and she offered to meet me to get them for the afternoon session and then to help me with them all week whenever I needed it. She said if they didn’t come then they’d have to rewrite the script so they desperately wanted them to come!!! So it was quite a crazy start for the camp week but just like last year they had a mega blast doing all the arts and crafts for the background and acting, singing and dancing!!!  

 Joseph played the Knight and made his own costume of course!! Jordan was the Carpenter and Mary a village girl. Joseph also drew the entire landscape for the back drops which the children then painted. They all did amazing and I’m so impressed at how fast and well the boys memorized their many many lines without any mistakes!!! Kid minds are incredible! Mrs. Antoinette and her staff are fantastic and teach the children so sweetly and with great enthusiasm. Absolutely one of the best parts of summer is this week of camp!!! #childrensworshipchoir #musical theatrecamp 



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