Boys’ room make-over

While Jordan and Joseph were off at camp I dove full in to cleaning up and organizing they’re room that looked like an episode of Hoarders Buried Alive! I took out 2 full bags of trash and 2 bags of cloths to donate. Once I had gotten out all the junk I moved furniture around, took out the queen bed that Joseph had been sleeping in and replaced it with a twin. I knew he wasn’t going to be happy about that move but he desperately needed a desk more than a queen bed and keeping the queen left no room for a desk. Thankfully I found a desk that went perfectly in the space and was only $20 at Vapor Thrift Store. I replaced lost knobs on Joseph ‘s dresser and repainted the knobs multi colors. I gave Jordan and Joseph their own lamps for reading. The bookcase got reorganized and repairs made to it. I added several baskets under beds for storing personal stuff, comic books and whatnots. Each of their dresser cloths were refolded and organized. Trey found a great HD TV for Joseph to play his Playstation on and hung it up. Another basket for PS3 games was added and a standing file for Joseph’s comic books along with a pen/pencil caddy were all new items on Joseph’s side of the room along with a new sketchbook and How To Draw Comics book. Hanson got a nice basket to place bedtime books and some of his toys in which he was so happy with. Jordan got the 7th book in the Amulet Series. My focus was to give all 3 boys some personal space in a shared room and to separate Jordan and Joseph as much as possible to help lessen the arguments. I’m not sure how long these 3 will share a room but while they do I’m trying to make it livable for all of us! I still have some pictures to hang and an art display wire other than that this is it. I’m quite pleased with how it turned and hoping it will stay tidier than previously! Well I can always hope!! 



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