Cow Appreciation Day 2016

It’s that time of year again. Get out your cow prints, spots, cow bells and Eat Mor Chikin signs for Cow Appreciation Day aka FREE chicken at Chick-fil-A! Last year it was your entire meal free but this year just the entree or a kids meal was free so we paid just a little for some drinks and waffle fries which was still a super great deal for our family. We love Chick-fil-A so anytime there is any freebies we are all over it! Elijah was working at Revolve restaurant so he didn’t go with us this time. I had saved most of last years cow day attire so it was much easier getting our crew dressed up this year. My intentions are to have a cow day box full of a variety of sizes of cow print clothing that we can choose from each year. Joseph was shaking his head as I described our future cow day attire!! All in good fun and FREE Chikin🐓🐄! 

   #cowappreciationday #eatmorchikin #freetastebetter #dresslikeacow #❤️🐓fil-A


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