Crossroads Camp 2016


Joseph, Jordan and Mary are at their very first away camp this week July 4-9! They’re at the YMCA Hargis camp which feels like you are way far away but it’s actually here in our home town! How blessed are we?! They’ve been so excited about going all summer! Our friend Katie J. (Upper left pic with Jordan) was a camper at Crossroads for years then became a Councelor and has done that the last 3 years. She told us all about camp last year and how incredible it was and so Jordan really wanted to go all year long. On drop off day everyone was full of excitement and some butterflies too. They met their cabin councilor and picked out their bunk and settled in. Joseph’s councilor is Hunter, Jordan is with Gee and Mary is paired with Laney. Joseph was super pumped about his cabin, Mary was busy with markers designing her bed poster with some of her gals and Jordan was freaking out that he was the oldest in his cabin with immature, wild 9 and 10 year olds and was begging to be in the older boy cabin. Ha! I told him at least he’s the oldest so no one will mess with him and he can be the leader of his cabin like the Big Bro of the room. Oh well, first time camper he has to pay his dues. We will see them Thursday night at their camp talent show and then pick them up Saturday morning. Can’t wait to hear all about their cabin experience, teams, cafeteria food, crafts, devotions, games and all of camp life.


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