Blue Bell Day

I scream, you scream, we all scream for FREE Ice Cream!!!! 

 Took the bunch down to the Sylacagua Blue Bell Creameries ice cream parlor to get a delicious scoop today. They weren’t as impressed with viewing the plant as I hoped they’d be but oh well I enjoyed it and pointed out the conveyor belts and cartons being filled and the plant workers busy loading cookies into the hatch and yet they were unmoved! Bah hum bugs!!! I thoroughly enjoyed my very own Praline Pecan scoop🍨 without having to share with any child so that was worth it to me! The minions had cookies and cream, cotton candy, coffee toffee, chocolate chip cookie dough and vanilla. 

Falling Rock Falls

Summer is not complete without going on at least one little adventure hike. Grammy drove up with our nephew, Mark and niece, Abby for a visit so we ventured out to Montevallo in search of Falling Rock Falls. With terms that expressed “Danger”, “fatal”, “Not Disney World”, “extreme caution “, “eminent death”, “fall will kill you” we of course took six children, one senior citizen and two adults with one wearing a toddler on this 1.5 mile trek to the 90 foot falls! It was indeed challenging at points but slow and steady got us all down and back up safely. The falls were pretty cool with the huge cavern behind it and we had fun exploring but lack of rain resulted in only a trickle of water from the falls. Still it was enough to cool us off from the hike and prepare us for the steep climb back out. It was a great hike and once we were back on the main trail we were refreshed by a cool breeze and sprinkles. Love soft summer showers! I think we succeeded in wearing out the kiddos and worked muscles in us adults that hadn’t been used in a while! #@FallingRockFalls


Happily Forever After

Joseph, Jordan and Mary all participated in the Children’s Worship Choir Musical Theater Camp again this year. I signed them up way early in the summer and when it came to camp week it was crazy around here!! Morgan was without a vehicle due to his jeep dying so he and I and were sharing vehicles, Trey was out of town in New York and Elijah needed his car for work. Morgan had his daily Godspeed work outs in the mornings and I had work a few days so getting these 3 to and from camp each day looked impossible! I decided it was all just too much and they simply could not do it due to logistics. So on Day 1 of camp I get a call about 10:30 a.m from the director of the camp saying she saw they weren’t there and said how much she greatly needed them especially the boys. They only had a few boys sign up this year and they were too young to play the lead boy roles which she had already assigned to Joseph and Jordan! I told her the whole situation and she offered to meet me to get them for the afternoon session and then to help me with them all week whenever I needed it. She said if they didn’t come then they’d have to rewrite the script so they desperately wanted them to come!!! So it was quite a crazy start for the camp week but just like last year they had a mega blast doing all the arts and crafts for the background and acting, singing and dancing!!!  

 Joseph played the Knight and made his own costume of course!! Jordan was the Carpenter and Mary a village girl. Joseph also drew the entire landscape for the back drops which the children then painted. They all did amazing and I’m so impressed at how fast and well the boys memorized their many many lines without any mistakes!!! Kid minds are incredible! Mrs. Antoinette and her staff are fantastic and teach the children so sweetly and with great enthusiasm. Absolutely one of the best parts of summer is this week of camp!!! #childrensworshipchoir #musical theatrecamp 


Pell City Splash Pad

After Google took us to 4 different “you have arrived” wrong destinations we finally made it to this new splash pad. Now that I know how to actually get there it’s not hard at all. Not only do we get to play at the splash pad for $3 per child 2 years and up with parents/ chaperones free but there is also a fantastic huge playground across the parking lot and a beach along the lake! They all had fun at the splash pad but Jordan and Mary liked the lake the most since they could swim. Hanson and Gayley loved digging in the sand too so all in all they had loads of fun in the sun!  


Boys’ room make-over

While Jordan and Joseph were off at camp I dove full in to cleaning up and organizing they’re room that looked like an episode of Hoarders Buried Alive! I took out 2 full bags of trash and 2 bags of cloths to donate. Once I had gotten out all the junk I moved furniture around, took out the queen bed that Joseph had been sleeping in and replaced it with a twin. I knew he wasn’t going to be happy about that move but he desperately needed a desk more than a queen bed and keeping the queen left no room for a desk. Thankfully I found a desk that went perfectly in the space and was only $20 at Vapor Thrift Store. I replaced lost knobs on Joseph ‘s dresser and repainted the knobs multi colors. I gave Jordan and Joseph their own lamps for reading. The bookcase got reorganized and repairs made to it. I added several baskets under beds for storing personal stuff, comic books and whatnots. Each of their dresser cloths were refolded and organized. Trey found a great HD TV for Joseph to play his Playstation on and hung it up. Another basket for PS3 games was added and a standing file for Joseph’s comic books along with a pen/pencil caddy were all new items on Joseph’s side of the room along with a new sketchbook and How To Draw Comics book. Hanson got a nice basket to place bedtime books and some of his toys in which he was so happy with. Jordan got the 7th book in the Amulet Series. My focus was to give all 3 boys some personal space in a shared room and to separate Jordan and Joseph as much as possible to help lessen the arguments. I’m not sure how long these 3 will share a room but while they do I’m trying to make it livable for all of us! I still have some pictures to hang and an art display wire other than that this is it. I’m quite pleased with how it turned and hoping it will stay tidier than previously! Well I can always hope!! 


Want milk baby?

Gayley is quite the little mama to her baby dolls. She pats them so gently and takes them on walks in the doll stroller and covers them with blankets. On this day she was nursing and asked her doll, “want milk baby?”, then put baby doll to my breast just like a breastfeeding pro! The La Leche League would be so proud how she got her dolly to latch on! Ha! She was quite pleased with herself and was a good little mama feeding her baby.  #breastfeeding21mosandcounting #futurebreastfeeder #gotmilk 


Cow Appreciation Day 2016

It’s that time of year again. Get out your cow prints, spots, cow bells and Eat Mor Chikin signs for Cow Appreciation Day aka FREE chicken at Chick-fil-A! Last year it was your entire meal free but this year just the entree or a kids meal was free so we paid just a little for some drinks and waffle fries which was still a super great deal for our family. We love Chick-fil-A so anytime there is any freebies we are all over it! Elijah was working at Revolve restaurant so he didn’t go with us this time. I had saved most of last years cow day attire so it was much easier getting our crew dressed up this year. My intentions are to have a cow day box full of a variety of sizes of cow print clothing that we can choose from each year. Joseph was shaking his head as I described our future cow day attire!! All in good fun and FREE Chikin🐓🐄! 

   #cowappreciationday #eatmorchikin #freetastebetter #dresslikeacow #❤️🐓fil-A

Summer’s Cool VBS

Our boy Hanson was one super excited and happy boy about going to his first Vacation Bible School! It was a legit VBS for just pre-schoolers hosted at the same church he will be going to preschool this Fall. Talk about being ready for school. He ask me almost daily when will he start school? He loved learning more about Jesus and knew his bible verses well. I’m so glad he got to also do something this summer that was just all about him since his big Bros and sis went to camp and are always busy doing things with their friends. It made him feel so special too! #vbs2016 #summerscool