Big Easy Classic 

Morgan competed in the Big Easy Classic with the Lacrosse Academy of Birmingham (LAB) High school “A” team this weekend in Mandeville, LA.  It was his last travel away game this summer and the first I went to. With so much going on at home and these tournaments being jammed pack with games in the heat for two days it usually works best for just Trey to take the player and maybe one or two extra kids. Earlier this summer Trey took Hanson and Jordan to the Nashville tournament then only Morgan and Trey went to the Kennisaw, GA tournament a few weeks ago.  For this tournament we left Elijah back in Birmingham because he had work and friends to hang with and we went to Grammy and Pawpaws in MS the Wednesday before to have some time with friends and family there. We then left all the kids including for the first time ever in over 20 months, Gayley, in MS and drove over to the tournament Saturday morning.  

 Morgan played great Saturday morning. They tied one game and won the next. We made sure we enjoyed as much local favorites as we could including scrupulous roast beef po-boys, local Abita Springs root beer, drive-thru daiquiris for us adults and my absolute favorite beignets!!! Sunday they won their first game, lost second and then lost in the semifinals. The boys played with so much heart and I loved watching Morgan. I can’t believe how long and hard they played in such horrible heat! Trey and I simply melted while sitting under umbrellas for shade. Way to go Morgan on winning so many face offs and for your goals and spectacular assist! You are amazing son!


Father’s Day 2016


Loved celebrating this guy today! Not only  is it Father’s Day but also his Birthday!! These 7 sure do have the Best Daddy there ever was! What a blessing and superb model of our Heavenly Father he is for not only our children but many more. We love you Trey/Daddy! Happy Father’s Day❗️and Happy Birthday 🎂🎁🎈‼️

Flashback Friday 

Wow how our lives, family and the children have grown in the last 4 years!!! This was taken Father’s Day 2012 at the bamboo forest in Prattville, AL. 


Saturday at the Creek


What a fun ☀️HOT☀️ day we had at the creek. After filling our tummies with yummy Joe’s Donuts we headed to Buck Creek. The creek was super shallow and it was scorching hot out there so we didn’t stay out in the open too long. We cooled down in the shade of the park where the kiddos could swing, slide, twirl and teeter totter. Gayley got a super surprise when a pony showed up! They let us pet and talk to him which thrilled her. She thought it was too funny when the pony got wet in the creek too!!! Another fun day at the creek.


Just another fun day at McWane playing in the Itty Bitty City. Gayley didn’t want to do much other than play in the kitchen and with the baby doll in the little purple house. As always Hans spent lots of time in the fire truck but also played mostly in the garage fixing the cars. Jordan was my helper going through the maze and slides with them so I could talk with the other Mommies in the play group that met there. Staying busy and cool on these hot summer days! 

Soccer Son

Jordan has had a great soccer season this year. It is so fun to watch him. He took charge of his defensive line as lead defender and the other team was caught “off sides” time after time. He also ran down any player and cut off crosses and made some incredible passes that resulted in assist on goals!  Love watching my soccer boy!

Moody Splash Pad

Let our splash pad summer fun begin! We ventured out to a new splash pad in Moody that’s about a 45 minute drive from home. So funny that it’s on Carl Morgan Road, how cool is that!! We played for a little over an hour then ate our picnic lunch in the shade of an umbrella. It took quite a while (like till after lunch) for Gayley and Hanson to get used to all the newness and let loose. They had a blast once they decided to get wet. The older kids loved the slide! I have no idea how many times they slid down it but it was a ton!!! They all woar themselves slap out and no one fussed one bit!! What a great splash pad! It’s completely fenced in so no worries of anyone wondering off. Boy and girl restrooms inside the fence with plenty of room to change cloths, concessions with seating for eating. No food or drink allowed to be brought in but they had four picnic tables with umbrellas outside the fence and closest to the parking lot which was so convenient to getting the cooler out and picnicking. There are also 4-5 shaded areas with chairs inside the splash pad for Mamas to get their babies out of the sun. They put arm bands on you and you can come and go in and out as often as you wish all day. All of this for $2 per person with 2 years and under Free!!! Best $10 I’ve spent in a while! We will definitely be back likely with a caravan of friends. What a fun day at our 1st splash pad of the summer!