End of a Season

Elijah and Morgan just wrapped up their Senior and Sophomore lacrosse season. This was a tough year for the team only having 4 Seniors. Last year they had 13 so that’s a huge loss for any team sport. They made it all the way to play offs but fell to pull out a win. It’s so hard imagining not being around these boys and their families that Elijah has played with the past four years. Thankfully Morgan still has 2 more years with Oak Mountain. Elijah finished his high school career with 42 goals and 18 assists with a career total of 106 goals! He was the #1 goal scorer in the State and 4th or 5th for assists. He has been submitted for both All-Stars and All-State teams. Morgan was remarkable taking 240 Face Offs winning 53% as a Sophomore! He’s a beast plus he had about half a dozen goals and assist too! Morgan was also submitted for the All-Stars team.What a delightful privilege watching these brothers play all season. Way to play #4 and #9!!! 

 What an honor for Trey to coach his sons. Elijah and his teammate/Spring Break pal Benton are a mess!


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