Han’s 4th Birthday

Hans 4th Birthday1

Finally Hanson got his Paw Patrol Birthday. . . again! He had a Paw Patrol themed Birthday for his 3 year old Birthday and it’s still by far his favorite and that is what he wanted again for his 4th Birthday along with Batman and PJ Mask. He was so excited!!!!

Hans 4th Birthday3

Having everyone in town for Elijah’s Graduation was also perfect for celebrating Hanson’s Birthday too! There were so many folks there to wish him a Happy Birthday! There were friends, both sets of grandparents, cousins, aunt, Elijah’s teenage friends and neighbors. He was blessed with a new bike, Batman car, Batman boat, Rocky Paw Patrol, Chase and Marshall Paw Patrol vehicles, a big truck and boat on a trailer, pajamas, candy, digger truck and PJ Mask capes and mask! What a wonderful 4 year old Birthday! We love you so much Hanson!Hans 4th Birthday2

✏️Last Day of School📝

Let the celebration begin! It’s the last day of school, come on summer break!!! A mini party with pizza, donuts, soda and their surprise bags that held 3 new books, a new swim suit and candy for each of them was waiting for Joseph, Mary and Jordan when they bound off the bus🚌!!! They all loved their treats and always look forward to this last day of school tradition. Elijah and Morgan got their goodies earlier in the week and Hans and Gayley got a new book and video just for good measure.  


Graduation Day

Elijah and his Chelsea High friends graduated today! What a joy it was to hear his name called and watch him walk across that stage to receive his Advanced Diploma with Distiction and High Honors. Such an amazing moment and one that some how got here all too quickly!  

 It sure has been a blast having these teens at our house for Bon fires and brownies, movie watching, hanging around in Enos or shooting hoops for the last four years. Such a great group of friends.  SOme of them will room together, some will go far off while others attend near by. No matter where they go I can’t imagine Elijah’s core not staying close knit. Love them all so much!


Congratulations Elijah and the Senior Class of 2016! It’s a Great Day To Be a Hornet🐝!

So Sad Self-Portrait


Jordan did such a great job on his self-portrait that was entered into the Shelby County Art Show. It really looks like him but is just the saddest face! Looks like we have another creative artist in the family full of artist! Way to go Jordan!!

Elementary Awards Day

Mary and Jordan finished the year strong with A/B Honor Roll and a certificate for their artwork in the Shelby County Art Show. Mary has had a fun year with friends in Mrs. Painter’s class and Jordan with Mrs. Birdsong. They were both active in activities such as First Priority, Peer Helpers, Student Counsel, Show Choir and Battle of the Books their last year of elementary school. Now onto 6th grade Middle School!!IMG_0726

2016 All Star Showcase

Elijah was one of the Oak Mountain boys chosen to play in the All Star Showcase. So proud of him and all his hard work he put in for his team this year. He had lots of obstacles thrown his way this year but he handled them and rose above them with grace. He had some pretty spectacular goals in this game too! What a great way to finish out his high school lacrosse career.  Looking forward to watching him play in a men’s league this summer and then at Birmingham Southern. All Star Showcase

Elijah’s Signing Day

BSC1Wow! What an emotional roller coaster it’s been applying to, getting into, declining acceptances, not being accepted,  counting all pros and cons to the college/university of Elijah’s choice. It’s been a long road but we finally were able to celebrate with him and a bunch of his friends and teachers as he had his Signing Day to play lacrosse for Birmingham Southern College! Both Trey and Coach Jim J. spoke about and to Elijah before he picked up that pen and signed his commitment letter to play lacrosse at BSC and then on came the hat! Congratulations to our BSC Panther!!!BSC2



An external hemorrhoidal thrombosis to be exact! Motherhood is a blessing, a joy, wonderful, rewarding, fulfilling and all that but it can also be a literal bulging painful pain in your ass! Six pregnancies and deliveries, varicose veins, dehydration, constipation and toting around a 25lb toddler non-stop finally had its toll on my tukus.  Oh the joys of Motherhood!! While I had somewhat expected handprint pictures, poems,homemade cards & letters, candles and candy the last thing I thought I’d be doing was dropping my pants, bending over and getting a shot of lidocaine in my rear to have blood clots removed!! I seriously have not one ounce of dignity left. Want to embarrass me? You can’t. This is pretty much the worst I’ve experienced. I am thankful though to my proctologist (by the way I now have the # to a great proctologist) and his kind assistant for making such an uncomfortable situation as pleasant as possible. They were both compassionate individuals very professional yet relatable. I am now feeling much better after the procedure thanks to some pain💊 and a glass of 🍷 or 🍷🍷!!! Certainly one of my most memorable Mother’s Days!!