Zoo Day


I took Gayley and Hanson on their first trip to the zoo this week. I thought Gayley would absolutely love it, squeak and squeal at seeing all the animals but it wasn’t so. Actually they were both bit quite until we came to the barn that was full of goats, sheep, pigs and one miniature horse. Gayley “neighed” to everyone and laughed and talked to them. They liked the chickens in their coop too. Gayley did like watching the seal or sea lion probably would have stayed there all day.  So I’m thinking I won’t be buying a Family Zoo Membership quite yet as these two seem to  only truly love farm animals. Hanson did say his favorite was seeing the elephant which is a joke because we spent like maybe one minute there and then he said he was done seeing animals! Atleast it was perfect weather for walking around the zoo and I had a great time with them even if it wasn’t as epic as I had thought it would be!  



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