And They’re Off

Joseph finally got his braces taken off!! We went two weeks ago to get them off but #8 was .5-1 mm out of line, so a heavy wire was put on to get it in place. I as the dental hygienist Mom saw it and didn’t want them taken off and I am so glad Dr. B pointed it out without me saying anything. Now they are all in place and look great. Dr. B and I are happy with the outcome and somehow by the grace of God Joseph has no white spots from poor oral hygiene. Joseph is quite vain at the moment checking out his new smile and admiring his brace-free teeth!  He is going to have quite the day at school tomorrow flashing his new smile!


Popcorn Pals

Oh my goodness these two are the biggest popcorn love’n kids I’ve ever seen. They ask for it and have it daily sometimes twice! They are such good pals, I hope it always is so. I don’t know what gets them laughing so hard but they are always cracking each other up! Here’s to always having a Popcorn Pal! 



Who knew lunch could be so entertaining & hilarious? These two are quite the pair. Gayley was sharing her chicken nuggets with Hanson and saying,”here ya go!” each time she fed him. She dipped one in ketchup and tried feeding Hanson but he turned away at the last second and got ketchup on his neck which changed the feeding game into a paint brother  by ketchup game!! Oh if only you could here their squealing and belly laughs!  


Happy Sunday 

Somehow I missed getting pictures of any of the kids in front of our azaleas at the house. After church we did a quick azalea photo shoot while everyone else was stuck in the parking lot waiting to get out. I had to laugh when I was editing these because there is “always someone” looking away, down, crying, or some kind of silly face!!!

100th Goal!!!!

Last night Elijah reached his personal record of 100 goals before he graduated!!! What a great accomplishment!  He added two more after his 100th including a Miles (behind the back ) that was amazing!!!! Way to go Elijah!  #laxbro #elijahlaxgarrett