Hygiene Day

Today was dental cleaning day for these 6 kiddos. Nothing like waking up early on Spring Break to go to the dentist! I took Joseph, Jordan and Mary into work with me and then Grammy & Morgan brought Hans and Gayley later. It was our highest hygiene day ever and it all came from one family, OURS! I forgot to take pics of Hans but he was wonderful. He probably didn’t say two words during his visit but was a great patient and liked getting a sticker and toy truck afterwards. Gayley loved playing with the toys in the clubhouse in the lobby and did surprisingly fantastic letting Dr.Flannery examine her teeth and paint on fluoride varnish. She was so chill just laying there watching him and the TV on the ceiling. She didn’t squirm, fuss or cry or reach out for me at all. She was just very curious and content as she checked out her surroundings and gave her big wave “Bye!!” as Morgan carried her out to leave! It was a great first dental visit for baby girl! 


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