His Last Battle of the Books

It was a bitter sweet day of watching Elijah compete in his 6th year of Battle of the Books. Who knew 6 years ago that this would be such an anticipated, tradition that all our kids would participate in? Elijah has set the bar high for his siblings and they are striving for it. It’s a busy week going to all their competitions but exciting as well. We love it! The B.O.B teammates are always the best and such a tight knit group with lots of inside jokes and ribbing going on. They are very competitive but have incredible sportsmanship and respect for one another. Elijah was team captain again this year and bonus for the day was getting to complete along side his girlfriend, Neely. The team didn’t place this year but had a good run. Another chapter closed in Elijah’s academic life but it’s a joyous ending and quite an accomplishment. Well done Elijah, we are so thankful we got to go on this B.O.B ride with you! It’s been fun📚!



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